Zephys Best Build, Arcana, Combo, Tips and Trick Arena of Valor (Guide)

Zephys Best Build, Best Arcana, Combo, Tips and Trick – Zephsy is a hero who has the right mobility, it’s easy to attack the enemy whose distance is a bit far and easy to escape because it has a rare passive.
Currently, Zephys is a favorite hero for some players who use assassin or jungle roles.

Zephys Skills

a. Passive Skill: Unwavering Death

every 3% of max HP lost will give 1% damage immunity. So the less cellphone, the bigger the damage, this is one of the most prominent things you should pay attention to. Zephys can fight even though the blood is dying, because the passive skills are very influential.
Skill 1: Death Rift
Zephys stabs forward quickly sticking out his sword and moving it forward (crashing forward). This skill is perfect for chasing enemies and breaking through walls to escape enemy attacks.
Skill 2: Death Poke
Zephys issues a series of quick attacks with successive sword punches to the opponent.
Skill 3: Ultimate
Zephys jumps and lunges forward (can pass through walls) attacking from the air, throwing enemies into the air in the target Area as soon as the enemy gets the debuff effect.

Zephys Best Combo

a. Combo skills when attacking:

  1. Use Ultimate to the enemy first
  2. After that use skill 2
  3. Last Skill 1 to end an opponent or chase an opponent.

b. Combo skills when running away

  1. Use skill 1 to stay away from the enemy and approach the wall first.
  2. Use the Ultimate skill to jump over the wall or you can also use one skill, depending on cooldown and situation.

Best Item for Zephys

For now, Zephys skills have been defeated. Namely, the cooldown skill time is extended, especially the ultimate skill becomes a little longer. Therefore, it is recommended that you use items to reduce cooldown time, like this:
Zephys Best Build, Arcana, Combo, Tips and Trick Arena of Valor (Guide) 1
Or you can replace the Omni Arms to be Frost Cape (but remember, don’t put it together)
Zephys Best Build, Arcana, Combo, Tips and Trick Arena of Valor (Guide) 2
With this item, you can maximize the expenditure of Zephys skills due to a 40% cooldown time reduction that comes from the calculation of 15% Spear of Longinus item effects plus 10% Omni Arms and 10% Medallion of Troy.

Zephys Best Arcana

a. Zephys Jungler Arcana

Zephys Best Build, Arcana, Combo, Tips and Trick Arena of Valor (Guide) 3
10 pcs each
If you use Arcana as above, then you will increase the value of Physic Attack +45, Movement Speed + 10% and Armor Pierce +100 from original attributes.

b. Zephys Solo Laner Arcana

Zephys Best Build, Arcana, Combo, Tips and Trick Arena of Valor (Guide) 4
10 pcs each
I recommend to use this arcana for laner solos so that at the beginning of the game it is not too weak and the damage is also still large because the effects of the Arcana Golden Body can provide maximum HP and Physic Defense, how to calculate it is easy, you just count it like the above namely the basic attribute + Archana (x10).

Tips Using Zephys

a. Tips Using Zephys as a Jungler

  1. Surely my friend must use punish talent to become a jungler.
  2. Buy a mandatory jungler item for Zepys, namely Leviatan, why should it be Leviatan? the answer is because it matches the passive skill.
  3. For the initial level, make sure to activate level 2 first, so that it’s fast in picking up buffs. The order is level 1 skill 2, level 2 skill 1, level 3 skill 2 again and level 4 new ultimate.
  4. Do not miss Buff from the enemy, because it greatly affects the level increase, if you can steal the enemy Buff.
  5. After all the buffs and monsters are clean and you are already level 4, continue to gank one of the enemy towers, and see MAP try gank tower which is guarded by a hero who has low defenses or offside, defeat the enemy and destroy the tower.
  6. If you can’t, you can take Abyssal Dragon or take the forest back
  7. Buff it’s important for Zepys to try to pay attention when Buff reappears
  8. Don’t be afraid to open WAR, as long as you pay attention to cooldown
  9. In WAR Zephys as Assassin must target Archers or enemy Mages first, that is very important.
  10. Pay attention to your gold and friend level, because assassin you have to be more than other heroes.

b. Tips Using Zephys as a Solo Laner

  1. I recommend that you use Execute talent, Actually, Punish can also, provided you dare to steal enemy forest (not recommended for beginners)
  2. You have to get a lot of minions, that means you have to be able to clean the enemy minions first, so you can help your friends in the middle lane.
  3. Crush Eagle must be obtained so that your Gold is superior to the enemy.
  4. Use skills right on target
  5. In the first 2 minutes, exactly the enemy has completed the Jungle, don’t be too offended. Look at the map first, the wrong step you can run out on the enemy gank and be fatal