Ybneth Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor

Ybneth Guide: Skills, Item and Talent) Arena of Valor – Do you need a hero who has high defense and HP on the AOV? A skill full of control effects? You are the answer to all your team’s needs. This blue-headed green hero is very reliable in many situations. Yethnn could fill DS lane roles and observers. He can also make your enemy slow, stun, and knock with all the skills he has. With all these advantages, Ynbeth is a hero that is difficult to control.
Ybneth Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor 1
This article will discuss more about Ynneth and how to control it so you can keep your teammates and become a true Tank.

Tips and Tricks in Taking and Using Skills

Branching Out is the main focus because the effects provided are very useful for disrupting the enemy. Wicked Thorns is only one level at the beginning because you will only take advantage of the slow and knockback effects of Redwood Rush. Don’t forget to always enter the bush when you move to restore your cellphone and which one is lost when doing ganking.
Nature’s Realm is a skill that is very useful but difficult to use. Nature’s Realm has a long cooldown so it needs proper use so that its potential is not in vain.
Nature’s Realm is very effective when a war occurs because Ynbeth will get an immune control and shield which makes it even harder to kill. When the Nature’s Realm is activated, it is always the target to play enemy hitters for their mestun. But if you can’t because of the difficult controls, aim at the enemy Tank to get the HP restoration effect.
If you first use Y’bneth, you will definitely find it difficult to use all of the skills and that is normal. Every skill Ynbneth has has a great effect but the range is very limited. It takes the right positioning to maximize the potential of Y’bneth so don’t ever stop to practice your abilities using this hero.

Item Guide

Early Game

1. Essence of The Wind
The most appropriate support item for Yarnn at the beginning. Every ability that Y’bneth has will make you easier to do ganking to enemies and become a reliable observer. Essence of The Wind will be very necessary to increase the speed of motion of Ynneth and make him able to protect himself or his teammates when the situation is precarious.
2. Gilded Greaves
Shoes with resistance status are always the most appropriate shoes for a Tank. This shoe will make Ynneth’s defense even higher.

Core Item

1. The Aegis
The Aegis is the best item for Y’bneth because it provides high HP status and defense. Cooldown reduction given will also make Y’bneth easier to spam skills.
2. Gaia Standard
Additional HP and regeneration of HP will make Y’bneth more difficult to kill. Max HP given by Gaia Standard will make shields from Redwood Rush the greater the status. In addition, the bonus movement speed given will also make it easier for you to make a positioning.

Situational Item

1. Sonic Boots
The right shoes if all your enemies do a lot of physical damage. Always a good alternative option for Ynbeth. The price is only 10 gold at odds with Gilded Greaves, it shouldn’t be a big problem.
2. Tidecaller’s Mark
If you are not familiar with active item support, you can buy this for a replacement option. Damage reduction and additional damage given are very useful.
3. Shield of the Lost
If you have many enemies who rely on attack speed in their attacks, this item is your answer to dealing with them. The aura given by this item will slow down the opponent’s attack speed. Unfortunately this item doesn’t stack with The Aegis, so you don’t need to buy The Aegis if you already have this item.
4. Amulet of Longevity
The effect of this item is in synergy with Nature’s Realm because it will add to the HP’s restoration effect from that skill. Besides that the max of his very large cellphone will make shields from the Redwood Rush and Nature’s Realm thicker. Choice of popular items for each Tank hero when entering the late game.

Talent Guide

1. Heal
As an observer, this talent is the best choice for making your friends in trouble. The effect that is given will also make you and your teammate get out of a difficult situation or even counterattack because your cellphone has increased again.
2. Flicker
If you don’t play as an observer, you can choose Flicker as another option. You can use Flicker to steal distance in using Redwood Rush and find the best position to activate Nature’s Realm.