What is Digipass in MarketGlory Game?

What is Digipass? – Actually, there is still no clear understanding of Digipass, but if broken down into two words are “Digi” and “Pass”. “Digi” is digital and “Pass” is password. 
From these two words, it can be concluded that digipass is a way to log in to Marketglory digitally, meaning that the player is simply logged in with this special application and will automatically be connected to a browser that activates the game.
Because that is a special application, we must download it directly from the Marketglory website. The steps are:
1. As always, don’t forget to log in to Marketglory
2. Download MG (digipass application)
What is Digipass in MarketGlory Game? 1
It will be given a download option for Android or Windows (temporarily choose for Windows)
3. After downloading immediately install and open the application. It will show as below
What is Digipass in MarketGlory Game? 2
4. After that, please login by entering your username and password. Don’t forget to click the “PLAY” button.
5. If successful, the digipass application will open the browser that is connected to the MarketGlory game.
6. If logged in, then the Marketglory view will appear like this


What is Digipass in MarketGlory Game? 3
Note: for digipass now there is no 25% bonus for work and referral fight (RF), but a 25% bonus is only for those who have active referral players. So for those who don’t have referrals, the application is digassed just to make it easier to log in.
Thus this article may be useful.

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