Wanwan Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide)

Wanwan Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Wanwan (Agile Tiger) is an oriental marksman who will be build to the original server at the end of November (2019). Wanwan is a Marksman with the best mobility because she has a jump/blink skill that makes him able to play tug of war very easily. 
All her skills have a complete package ranging from damage, AOE, CC, remove CC, and mobility. It looks like this hero will be one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends, most likely will be on the list of banned heroes and immediately get nerf on the next patch notes. Wanwan Best Build
At first glance, this hero looks complicated especially in the mechanism of his ultimate skill. In fact, the way to play this hero is very simple, all we need is to place the right position to maximize passive skills by aiming for the enemy’s weaknesses and utilizing the best possible opportunities. Without further ado, Wanwan’s complete tutorial starts with her strengths and weaknesses. Wanwan Best Build

Wanwan’s Advantages

  • Tank killer. Wanwan’s passive skill gives the enemy “weakness” in the form of 4 points (3 forwards and 1 behind). Wanwan’s will give a true damage bonus of % of the enemy’s HP and if all weakness points have been attacked then we get another bonus damage 30% for a few seconds. This skill, if used properly, will very quickly knock down the opponent’s tank defense.
  • Super complete skill. Passive skill gives short distance dash/jump effect, skill 1 is AOE and gives slow + stun effect, skill 2 has purified, then skill 3 also gives instantaneous immune effect, thus completing Wanwan’s ability to attack.
  • Very difficult to hit in gank. Depending on the skill of the player, Wanwan is also difficult to be able to capture, already has a dashed skill (can be spam with basic attacks & skills), AOE poke skills with slow & stun effects, remove CC / purify skills and the ultimate skill that is immune from various attacks. These heroes are like fighter even though with crowd control ability, it will be very troublesome to face this one hero. Wanwan Best Build

Wanwan’s Disadvantages

  • Very soft and die quickly, naturally marksman synonymous with fragile, because it is the best way to fight this hero by deploying burst damage as quickly as possible before she escapes or even worse launches her ultimate attack. This hero is very vulnerable to one-shot kill heroes like  Eudora and assassin, like saber / Hayabusa.
  • Quite dependent on passive and ultimate skills, Wanwan is a marksman who relies more on skills than basic attacks, indeed in late-game basic attacks are also give a big effect but if pitted with another marksman such as Bruno or Irithel then obviously the DPS will lose. That’s why we have to maximize the ultimate and passive skills as best we can to excel from other mm.
  • Ultimate tricky skill, the most troublesome of these heroes is to be able to trigger the ultimate we have to attack all the weak points/weaknesses of the enemy in the real battle especially the war team is rather difficult to be able to meet these conditions, usually the enemy also will not allow himself to simply become the ultimate skill target of Wanwan, they tend to be defensive / play safe once the 2-3 weak points have been attacked. Waan Best Build

Wanwan Best Build

  • Wanwan is a very flexible marksman, whatever builds are critical, attack speed and CDR are suitable depending on the preferences of each player, but you should still prioritize build attack speed because of the higher attack speed then the passive skill (dash) will also be faster so that we can easily avoid various precarious situations, chase enemies who try to escape or position themselves more nimbly.
  • Wanwan’s item build tips above are the most ideal according to me, but everything goes back to the way they are playing and the conditions, try experimenting with your own style, adjusting to your taste and gameplay because who knows there are other builds that are more suitable and OP.
For battle spell, we can use any spells, like Inspire, Aegis, Flicker, etc.. But I prefer to using Retribution to quickly farm and level up.
For emblems, we can use Assassin or Marksman emblems.

Wanwan is very good to fight the following heroes | Wanwan Best Build

  • All hero tanks
  • All hero fighter / close combat
  • Gord
  • Kagura
  • Vexana
  • Esmeralda
  • Kimmy
  • Granger

Wanwan is quite weak against the following heroes | Wanwan Best Build

  • All assassin heroes
  • Lolita
  • Eudora
  • Aurora | Wanwan Best Build
  • Harley
  • Lunox
  • Clint
  • Irithel
  • Lesley

Wanwan’s Tips, Trick and Guide

  • The main key to playing Wanwan is positioning, we must be able to find a safe position to slowly activate the ultimate trigger skill, so our main focus is to launch ultimate skill throughout the game as often as possible to dominate the teamfight. What’s interesting about Wanwan’s ultimate skill is that after we succeed in killing the target with skill 3, she will continue his attack on the closest enemy hero, so that this ultimate skill can become a “free hit” while on a war team, so we have to make the most of this skill.
  • To be able to launch the ultimate we must attack from 4 weak points of the opponent first, position 3 in front of us can target by moving left and right then we attack the back using skill 1, so if you want to be safer try poke first with skill 1 to ensure the back of the weak point has been exposed then we can be a little aggressive going forward and aiming for the other 3 front points.
  • Always keep skill 2 just in case especially when the situation is uncertain, don’t use this skill to attack because besides the damage is small we will become vulnerable, always use this skill as self-protection (just think of it as a spell purify).
  • Be careful with burst damage heroes, especially assassin with one-shot combos such as Hayabusa, other alternatives if you want to be safer can use Aegis spells to guard when there are one-shot kill heroes such as Hayabusa, Eudora, Harley, Saber, etc. We recommend that you do not engage when skill 2 is cooldown. When the ultimate skill is cooldown it is better to wait a moment unless our team is indeed superior level/gold/push lane.

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