Valhein Guide: Skills, Item, Arcana, and Talent Arena of Valor

Valhein Guide: Skills, Item, Arcana, and Talent Arena of Valor – Valhein is the first hero to be introduced when you play the tutorial. Easy to play and understand are the advantages of Valhein. But you know that this hero can be very deadly in the hands of a very professional person. Even this hero is one of the most frequent heroes in the ASL Season 2 Indonesia.
Valhein is a hero who really depends on attack speed to maximize his potential. This Hero with Archer class has skills that synergize with basic attack and passive skills. Valhein’s attack distance as an Archer is indeed very short compared to other Archer heroes, but if you enter it you can easily be killed by Valhein.
Valhein Guide: Skills, Item, Arcana, and Talent Arena of Valor 1

Tips and Tricks in Taking Skills

Bloody Hunt is a skill that you must focus to the maximum while waiting for level 12. By having a high level Bloody Hunt, you can quickly clear the enemy creep rate. The stunt effect of Curse of Death does not increase according to the level so just level one is enough to make your enemy move.
Actually the key to using Valhein’s skill is how you can align Pocket Glaive and two other glaive skills. A good Valhein player is one who can manage the stability of the hunter buff he has through Pocket Glaive, Curse of Death and Bloody Hunt. The buff buff that you have can make Valhein more agile in attacking and moving places either during farming or during war.

Item Guide

Early Game

1. War boots
Shoes that provide movement speed and attack speed. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, Valhein really needs attack speed. So these shoes are the best choice for Valhein to maximize his potential in removing Pocket Glaive.
2. Blitz Blade
The most powerful item for Valhein because it provides attack speed, high damage and a movement speed bonus. Makes Valhein more agile and more horrible. Plus passive chain lightning effects make Valhein clear the creep rate.

Core Item

1. Claves Sancti
Claves Sancti is a core item for most Archer heroes. Critical rates and damage critical of this item are the best critical items in the game. In addition, the passive effect it has will increase Valhein’s movement speed if he can issue critical hits.
With an attack speed from early items, surely the critical potential of Claves Sancti will be maximum.
2. Slikk’s Sting
Higher attack speed makes Pocket Glaive more often come out. Plus a high critical rate, will also make Valhein often issue critical. Additional movement speed also makes Valhein more agile, so that it is in harmony with the hunter buff.

Optional Item

1. Gilded Greaves
If you still make a mistake in positioning at war because of the short attack distance from Valhein, there’s no harm in using these shoes. Gilded Greaves will make you more sustainable during war.
2. Omni Arms
This item has many advantages such as lifesteal, cooldown reduction, attack speed and maximum HP. Not a bad choice when entering the late game because it can make Valhein more aggressive thanks to the maximum lifesteal and HP given.
3. Fafnir’s Talon
Lifesteal and attack speed given this item will make Valhein even more terrible at war. Besides being passive given from this item also does not play games because making a normal attack from Valhein will give additional damage equivalent to eight percent of the HP owned by the enemy.
4. Devils’ Handshake
More critical rate and attack speed. Even the passivity of this item increases your attack speed more every time you carry out an attack. Pocket Glaive will appear more often and make your enemy more frightened.
5. Fenrir’s Tooth
If you think the attack speed you have is enough and your damage is still lacking, this item is the answer. Your normal attack will get higher and make you more smoothly finishing because of the effects of Fenrir’s Tooth which gives additional damage when the enemy’s HP is below 50 percent.
6. Magic Item Build
In addition to the above items, Valhein can also use magic items because all skills possessed by Valhein always cause magic damage. This build item is unpopular but still promises very large burst damage.
7. Enchanted Kicks
The damage Magic Valhein has will be very synergy with the magic pierce effect of this shoe. This will make all your damage skills even bigger.
8. Apocalypse
More magic damage plus cooldown reduction. Apocalypse will make you more often issue skills at war and surely your opponents will get more scared.
9. Zweihander
More magic damage and movement speed so that you are more agile and the magic damagemu gets bigger. Besides being passive from Zweihander also increases your attack speed and normal attacks will get additional magic damage.
10 .Hecate Diadem
Added greater magic damage to skills and Pocket Glaive. This item will definitely be a nightmare for Warriors or Tanks who don’t make magic defense items.
11. Holy of Holies
More magic damage for Valhein’s skill. Moreover this item also gives a very high HP max and will make Valhein more sustain in the lane.

Talent Guide

1. Flicker
Flicker is a mandatory talent that must exist for every Archer hero. Archers when war will always be the main target and Flicker will help you get out of the worst situation or gank of the Assassins.
2. Roar
Remember that Valhein needed attack speed? Roar will be very useful for Valhein when he doesn’t have attack speed items like Blitz Blade, Slikk’s Sting and War Boots. Or when you make a magic build item and need additional attack speed, Roar is the answer.

Arcana Guide

1. Flash
The attack speed and critical rate will make Valhein’s potential as playing hitter even bigger and more terrible.
2. Guerrilla
The more additional attack speed and movement speed for Valhein will make him more agile.
3. Flurry
Add another attack speed but this time there is an additional magic pierce that makes all the magic damage from Valhein_’s skills even stronger