Valentino Rossi Vs Marc Marquez, Who Is Better?

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Valentino Rossi Vs Marc Marquez, Who Is Better?

The MotoGP is currently focused on two MotoGP riders namely Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez. About them discuss the ability between Valentino Rossi Vs Marc Marques, who is the best among them? For those of you lovers and connoisseurs of the seasoned MotoGP, certainly, you will take sides and choose Valentino Rossi as a living legend of MotoGP. But for young people who are new to MotoGP, clearly choose Marc Marquez as the best MotoGP racer at this time.

Since making his debut in the MotoGP 2013, Marquez is predicted to be able to compete and even surpass the achievements of Valentino Rossi. Why not? Only needing to get 1 more championship title, Marquez will be able to match the number of titles collected by Rossi.

Valentino Rossi Vs Marc Marquez, Who Is Better?

Before the incident in 2015, which is now known as the “Sepang Clash” affected a very fierce rivalry between Rossi and Marquez, the incident had made the two not friends. Indeed, Marquez has idolized Rossi since childhood, while Rossi is also sure that Marquez can be his successor if he retires.

Even Marquez also nicknamed Rossi’s successor. So which of them is the best? Valentino Rossi Vs Marc Marquez? Here are some data and facts from the two MotoGP racers.

Both of Them Champion GP125

Both Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, both of which have won titles in the 125 CC racing class. Rossi won the GP125 world title in 1997 by getting 11 victories, while Marquez won the title in 2010 by collecting 10 victories.

Both Of Them Champion Moto2

In improvement to having won the title in GP125, both of them have also won titles in the Moto2 they both won the Moto2 title in their second season. Rossi won the Moto2 title in 1999, while Marques won the title in 2012. They also both collected 9 wins in the second Moto2 season.

Both Of Them Don’t Want To Change Racing Motorbikes

There are interesting facts behind the rivalry of Valentino Rossi Vs Marc Marquez. Rossi is one of the riders in MotoGP who doesn’t want to use race number 1 after getting the world title, he remains loyal to using number 46 until now.

Marquez has also followed the same thing, even though he has won the title many times. But Marquez still doesn’t want to use motorcycle number 1. This is because Number 1 in MotoGP is considered a curse, no rider can defend his championship title when using number 1 on his motorbike.

Having Champion Titles In Three Different Classes

Lastly, the rivalry between Valentino Rossi Vs Marc Marquez is getting fierce where both of them have championship titles in three different motorcycle racing classes. Both have enjoyed victories in GP125, Moto2 and also MotoGP. It is very rare for a rider to get a title in these three different classes.

So that’s a review of the data and facts of the huge rivalry of Valentino Rossi VS Marc Marquez. Hopefully, this information can be useful.,

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