5 Types of Cheat in PUBG Mobile

5 Types of Cheat in PUBG Mobile – You must be thinking that PUBG Mobile doesn’t have Cheater and Hackers? Because the developer who handles the game is a giant developer, but who would have thought the game as popular as PUBG Mobile also has cheaters.
Besides the success of this game, there are also many cheaters who roam around during the game and it is very detrimental to the players who play honestly.
5 Types of Cheat in PUBG Mobile 1
Although the developers every day always eradicate accounts that use cheater but it’s still in this game. And if players who play honestly meet with cheaters, maybe you can only surrender and if you can win means your playing skills are very high.
But what are the types of PUBG Mobile cheats that are detrimental? And what the cheats are like, here are 5 types of cheats in the PUBG Mobile game that are very detrimental.

1. Auto Aim

This cheat is usually said to be quite detrimental to other players, although not as severe as Wallhack, this Auto Aim can actually destroy the war strategy of other players who have arranged it with difficulty.
Because Auto Aim is able to shoot the enemy on target or right on target, without the need to make and arrange strategies. And if other players are hiding in walls, buildings or trees, with Auto Aim in can shoot and penetrate all of it so it’s useless if you hide you will still be shot.


And this cheat is very detrimental to other players at PUBG Mobile. For those of you who don’t know how this Wallhack works, this Wallhack can see other players in a transparent way so your location will be known.
So in short wherever you hide you will still be seen by cheaters who use the Wallhack cheat. And so cheater can know you and you can be shot from behind.

3. Use of Scripts or Macros

Cheater using cheat Scripts or Macros allows you to do things automatically and quickly. This script is also used to seize items, respond to shots, heal themselves, get energy drinks and more surprisingly can automatically refill weapons.
Anyway, everything is done automatically with this Script and there are also those who set the script using an emulator, or BOT for AFK and BP. But get ready your account is banned by the developer for using this cheat.

4. Instant Healing and Instant Revive

Maybe if you meet a cheater who uses this cheat you will definitely be upset, the article if you have knocked out the enemy (Cheater), the cheaters will be able to recover immediately or come back to life very quickly and also if you have shot and the enemy blood ( Cheater) is dying so Cheater who uses this cheat can heal quickly or instantly so the blood will return to full.
Very annoying not we have painstakingly shot and killed the enemy but the enemy can quickly recover or come back to life. The only way to ward off cheaters like this is to immediately kill without giving cheaters a chance to use cheats.

5. Knowing the Location of Other Players

This last cheat is a cheat that is used to find out the location of other players. And this cheat is very similar to the Wallhack cheat, but the difference is that your character and other players will be white and there is a straight line to the sky as a location marker.
This is very useful to find out the location of other players easily from a distance and can also avoid sudden attacks from other players.