Translucent Camera Application for Android

Translucent Camera Application for Android 1
Translucent Camera Application for Android – As technology develops, it turns out that many applications are now very useful. As with the presence of this invisibility camera, this one besides useful is also very unique.
By using this application you can see objects that are behind someone’s clothes but don’t think negative first, bro. This application is useful, for example, if you see someone who is rather suggestive, you can see if the person is carrying a sharp weapon or firearm, or the like.
Actually, all applications depend on the user, bro, if the user uses positively, they will produce a positive one, but if the user uses it for negative purposes, then surely it will produce something negative, too.
So the admin hopes you can use this application with positive activities, bro. Alright, how come you can use this invisibility camera.

How to Use Translucent Camera Applications

  1. Please download the application via the Play Store
  2. After that, install the application
  3. Then select the object to be viewed
  4. And tadaaa. Your picture has already to open.
Well, it’s easy not to use a transparent camera. It’s best to use this application positively, don’t use it for negative activities.