Training Ground For Getting Medals in Marketglory

Training Ground for Getting Medal Marketglory (Requirements to Join Organizations) – One of the newest facilities in the Marketglory is ground transfer. Ground training is like training for players who want to engage in battle. But to join the battle before must enter an organization.
Training Ground For Getting Medals in Marketglory 1

Question (Q) and Answer (A)

Q: What are the benefits of training ground?
A: By joining the ground training, you will get a medal.
Q: What are the benefits of a medal?
A: Medals can be used as organizational entry requirements (minimum 3 medals). or can also be sold.
Q: Do you have to join the training ground to join the organization? Why?
A: Yes, because the requirements for joining an organization must have at least 3 medals and to get a medal must take training ground.
Q: How many medals do you get for participating in the training ground?
A: Every time we join the training ground, we will get 2 medals according to the damage we have given.
Q: Do you mean the medal matches the damage?
A: If we do damage 10,000 – 19,999, we will be given 2 private / soldier medals. If we damage 20,000 – 49,9999, we will be given 2 corporal / corporal medals.
Q: What is the damage per hit?
A: The first blow will do 10,000 damage, the next blow depends on the energy we have.
Q: Is there a hit limit?
A: There is no hit limit for surviving 24 hours, but keep in mind is each hit will reduce energy and weapons.
Q: How long does it take to get 2 medals?
A: 2 achievements will be obtained after 24 hours. For example, starting at 6:00 then it will get a medal at 06.01 the next day.
Q: So to get 4 medals must be 2 days?
A: Yes because every 2 medals per 24 hours (1 day), so 4 medals, please count by yourself … hehe.
Q: Are there any restrictions on participating in training ground?
A: The limit is that if you get 3 medals, you may not take the training ground again.
Q: Requirements for training ground?
A: Enough energy of at least 20 points; 1 attack weapon; 1 weapon deff

How to join training ground

  • Make sure energy is min. 20 points and has attack + def weapons min. 1
  • Select the “Fight” menu then select “Training Ground
  • Click the “Join” button
  • Please wait for the time delay to be able to join.
I hope this article useful.

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