71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know

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71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know – Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games was officially released worldwide. You may have spent hours in it and have found a variety of really special things from this wild west theme game.
However, the third series of Red Dead Redemption can be said to provide less directional play that can be immediately understood. Therefore, for those of you who plan to play this game in the near future or you who have played this game but need a little help in adventure in Red Dead Redemption 2.
Here are 71 tips and useful things you need to know so that you are ready to wade through the rigors of the cowboy world.

1. Open the Map Faster

You can press and hold the Start / Option button to directly access the Map. It faster than you have to enter the pause menu first.

2. Access the Log

Just press the left d-pad once, then you can see the contents of the log consisting of the task, challenge and notification.

3. Accessing Arthur’s Journal

Press and hold the left d-pad, then you can see the contents of the journal that Arthur while you play RDR 2.

4. Read the Compendium

The side activities that you do will be recorded in the Compendium menu. In addition, the Compendium also contains useful information related to the world of RDR 2. 100% Compendium is one of the conditions for you to get Platinum Achievement.

5. Perform Manual Save

Even though there is an auto-save, it’s good to keep the manual save periodically, so you can repeat if a fatal error occurs.

6. It is recommended to start free-roam before Chapter 2 ends

Some of the features in RDR 2 are unfortunately only opened in Chapter 2. Therefore in order not to have explored everywhere but can’t do anything, you can first play some main missions and side missions until before the last mission Chapter 2 or before moving camp again.
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7. Side Missions Can Be Lost

Some side missions can be lost if you progress the main mission too quickly, so it is recommended you to run the side missions before you run the main mission.

8. There is no Character Level

RDR 2 does not use the character leveling system, but there are three main statuses namely Health, Stamina and Dead Eye. You can develop these three statuses by doing various activities in RDR 2.

9. System of Cores and Rings

These three statuses have a symbol (Core) with a ring bar that circles it. Shot (dealt damage), ran (activities using stamina), and using Dead Eye will immediately reduce the bar of each ring’s status, but the Health and Stamina ring bars will be replenished by themselves. Cores affect how quickly each ring refills.

10. Dead Eye is a little different

Still related to the previous point, the Dead Eye ring bar cannot refill by itself, but you can get the ring bar back from killing people and animals. The cores still affect how many ring bars you get back.

11. Perform a Challenge

There are challenges that are divided into 9 categories, where those categories will affect one of your three statuses. Every Challenge that you complete will give you experience for your status to level up.

12. Always Available Provision and Tonic

Provision function to refill Cores and Tonic function to refill Rings. Provision consists of food and drinks and Tonic consists of drugs.

13. Arthur Can Underweight and Overweight

Over meals can make Arthur fat, and can reduce Stamina effectiveness but increase Health effectiveness. Lack of eating can also make Arthur Underweight, which in turn reduces Health effectiveness but increases Stamina effectiveness.

14. Horses Also Have Stamina and Health Status

The horse you drive also has a Core and Ring for Health and Stamina, the status also functions the same as Arthur’s.

15. Take Care of Horses and Increase Bonding Level

You can stroke the horse, feed it and clean it with a brush to increase the level of bonding with the horse. Bonding level will also increase Speed ​​and Acceleration, as well as Status and Health of the horse.
71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 2

16. How to get a brush

Confused how to get a Brush? No need to worry because you just got a Brush on a mission in Chapter 2.

18. Don’t forget to name your horse

RDR 2 allows you to name your own horse so you love your horse more.

19. Always Bring Horse Reviver

If you drive a horse recklessly like a writer, it is advisable to always carry at least one Horse Reviver, because your horse can die permanently.

20. Use the Wheel Menu for Efficiency

In addition to choosing a weapon (Weapon Wheel), you can also access and choose Provision and Tonic (Item Wheel) that you want to use through the wheel menu. This is certainly faster than opening satchel manually. When riding a horse (Horse Wheel) you can also feed and clean horses and access some items stored on horses.

21. Arthur Can Bring 4 Weapons at Once

Consists of 2 light weapons (Revolver or Pistol) and 2 heavy weapons (Repeaters, Rifles and Shotguns). Heavy weapons are usually stored in your horse, so make sure the heavy weapons are included in your wheel menu before getting off the horse. But you need an off-hand Holster for dual-wielding your gun or revolver.

22. How to get an Off-hand Holster

You will only get Holster off when Chapter 2 will end. But you can get it early by doing the Challenge of Master Hunter category, then buy it at Trapper.

23. No Need to Buy Weapons on Gunsmith

Almost all the weapons you can buy on the Gunsmith can be found anywhere, especially your enemies or even you steal from somewhere. But you can buy a Varmint Rifle for hunting animals, and also need upgrades or design for your weapons.
71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 3

24. Use Warning Shot

When aiming, press the top d-pad to direct your weapon to the sky, shoot to remove the warning shot. Useful to warn or surprise your potential victims, or maybe just to create chaos.

25. There are Several Ammo Types in Each Type of Weapon

Besides Regular Ammo, you can also buy or craft other types of bullets for different effects, such as longer distances or greater damage.

26. Always Ready for Gun Oil

The worse the condition of the weapon you are using, the less effective and the damage it will incur. Use Gun Oil to take care of your weapons.

27. You Can Disarm Your Enemies

You can direct your shots to your enemy’s hands or weapons to do disarms and sometimes make them run scared. But some NPCs seem to be immune to being disarmed because they are still shooting even though they have been hit by their hands.

28. Chasing Enemy Ends

Shoot your enemy’s feet to make it fall so that it gives you time to minimize the distance between yourself and the enemy you’re after.

29. Use Lasso to Capture Your Enemy

Some main activities or missions need you to catch people alive. Use the Lasso before the person takes out a weapon to prevent him from counterattacking. You can also drag people to death.

30. Don’t Forget to Loot the Enemy

In the first few chapters you may need a lot of money, so that the loot is one of your sources of income in this game. Not only can you get money for jewelry, food and medicine.

31. You Can Also Loot a Horse

But only the horse has a saddle, regardless of whether the horse dies or not.

32. Greeting or Antagonizing the People You Meet

Greeting is certainly for those of you who want positive and antagonistic Honor if you want a negative Honor. Doing so in the city so that it quickly rises because of the large number of people

33. You Can Also Greeting, Smelling and Antagonizing Wandering Dogs

If you are good at the dog that you meet somewhere, when you return to that place the other time the dog will chase you excitedly.

34. Always Hitch Your Horse Before Down

Hitching or putting horses in certain places will increase bonding levels with horses. Usually there is a Hitching Post in front of the building. But when out of town, you can hitching your horse to a tree.

35. You Can Buy Clothes at the General Store

RDR 2 underwear is not just a style to look cool, these clothes will later affect according to your location temperature. Choose minimal and thin clothes for hot temperatures and thick clothes for cold temperatures.

36. You Can Shave Hair on the Saloon

Big saloons usually have an area for you to shave. But because of the semi-realistic game, you can’t be free to choose your hairstyle or mustache and beard when your hair is still short.

37. You Can Stay and Take a Shower at a Hotel

Take a shower occasionally so Arthur looks fresh or stays if Arthur is too tired and you don’t want to rest outside or at Camp.
71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 4

38. You Can Change Clothes at the General Store and Hotels

Instead of going far behind changing clothes at Camp, you can access the Wardrobe at some General Stores and Hotels.

39. Your Horse Left Away and Can’t Be Called?

Visit the closest Stable and you can get your horse back.

40. Your favorite hat falls and disappears?

Relax, you can get your hat back from the Horse Wheel menu.

41. Find Information ‘Interesting’ in the City

Just a walk in the city maybe you will find interesting information that you can use. Like getting more money, getting new weapons and various other useful things.

42. Use Bandana Before Committing Crime

This NPC in RDR 2 can be said to have the sixth sense, whatever you want to do if you commit a crime someone will find out. So that the Bandana functions is so that witnesses and law enforcement don’t know who the perpetrators of the crime are, and you won’t get a bounty.

43. Don’t Be Afraid to Do Evil

Maybe only in RDR 2, being evil actually feels more cool and fun than being a good person, so you don’t need to be afraid if you obey when doing evil and get a large number of bounties.
71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 5

44. You Can Pay Bounties in Post Office

The bigger the bounty you have, the greater the bounty hunter’s frequency will appear. You can clean your name through the Post Office in each city.

45. Occasionally Visit Fence

You also just opened the Fence feature in the middle of Chapter 2. This phenomenon or black market-like shop is your place to sell robberies such as jewelry and stagecoach (horses with carts) and several other items. You can also buy various useful recipes here.

46. ​​Don’t Lust for Direct Selling of Jewelry

Even though it can be sold at a hefty price, some jewelry can be crafted to become Talisman which can provide additional effects for Arthur.

47. Fence Doesn’t Receive Law Enforcement Stagecoach

Law enforcement horse carts are usually made of iron, so it is enough to target carts used by the people.

48. Buy Lock Breaker

As the name implies, this object serves to open the lock on a chest, safe or other storage place secretly. You only have to buy it once at Fence.

49. Always Bring Dynamite

What is the use of criminals without carrying a bomb? In addition to injuring and killing, you can also use dynamite to open an iron safe that cannot be opened with a lock breaker or your weapon.

50. Explore Various Remote Places

Every now and then check the small locations scattered on the map, you can find various things that are certainly useful, such as meeting interesting people, getting rare weapons, finding new side activities, treasure folders, even easter eggs.

51. Occasionally Use Your Gun to Shoot Birds

You can take feathers from these birds that you can use to make arrows with different effects. Like the Small Game Arrow, Improved Arrow and Poison Arrow.

52. Don’t Forget That There Are Fishing Features

You can fish on rivers, lakes and beaches.
71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 6

53. Buy Pancakes Where is it?

You will only get a lure in the middle of chapter 2.

54. But you don’t have to use the switch

You can just immediately use a gun or other weapon to hunt fish. But you can only lift the fish after reaching more shallow waters or perariran that do not need you to swim.

55. Perform a Legendary Animal Quest (and Legendary Fish)

You will get this quest in the middle of Chapter 2. One of the ingredients for making Talisman is body parts such as Pelt and Carcass from Legendary animals. So take your time occasionally to hunt these animals.

56. Notification of the Legendary Animal Area (and Legendary Fish)

Each legendary animal has its location, and when you enter the area a notification will appear that you enter the legendary animal area. Use Eagle Eye to look for clues and animal tracks to start hunting.

57. Aim for 3-Star Quality Animals

Only Perfect Pelt is obtained from 3-star animals that can be used for crafting. You also need to do Clean Kill if you want to get Pelt 3 star quality.

58. Use Binocular When Hunting

You can learn what animal species you are looking at with Binocular, to find out the quality of the animal star and what weapons are suitable for doing Clean Kill.

59. Check Animal Compendium

You can also find out information and other weapons that can also be used for an animal through compendium. But you still have to study the animal first before the animal information is open compendium.

60. Use Supporting Items in Hunting

Like bait predators for carnivorous animals and herbivore stanzas for herbivorous animals. Then use Cover Scent Lotion to get rid of your smell so that the animals you target don’t know where you are.
Some animals are not affected by the temple unless you make the potential version through crafting.

61. You Must Not Always Aim the Animal Head

Even though the shot to the head almost always gives Clean Kill, some animals don’t even die when shot in the head. But when your Dead Eye is high, you can see some of the Weakspot that the animal has. Shots to the heart can also be directly Instant Kill or sometimes just crippling animals that you seek.

62. Stack Some Pelts at Once on Your Horse

Small-size Pelts are automatically stored in your inventory and some medium-sized Pelt can you stow on your horse at once. But large size Pelt only has one space on your horse and you can still keep it with a medium-sized Pelt.

63. Create a Camp If It’s Far from Civilization

If Arthur feels tired and wants to rest while away from civilization, you can build a camp to rest. In addition, you can also make food from animal feed from your game or crafting other equipment.
71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 7

64. Occasionally Visit the Trapper

Even if you can donate Pelt and Carcass for Camp, you can also sell Pelt to Trapper to get more money. Trapper also sells some items for hunting and they can also make warm clothes from the pelt and the carcass of legendary animals and ordinary animals. Pelt and Carcass from Legendary animals can only be sold at Trapper.

65. Donate Hunting Results for Camps

You can donate meat or other parts of your game through Pearson’s table at Camp (symbol of lower thigh chicken). Your honor will increase every time you do this.

66. Eat Stew and Coffee at Camp

The more you donate meat, the more often Pearson will make a Stew that will dramatically increase your three statuses. But you can only enjoy the meal every few days, instead you can enjoy coffee ready at any time.

67. Not Required to Donate Money for Camps

You do not need to worry if you rarely contribute because it will not reduce the value of Honor or anything else, unless asked whether you are donated by your Camp relatives. Just donate your money when you want to upgrade Camp.

68. Open the Fast Travel Feature from Camp

In addition to Fast Travel by train and Stagecoach, you can do one-way Fast Travel from Camp. First you have to upgrade to the Dutch Lodging for $ 225, then buy the $ 325 Fast Travel feature.

69. Frequently Chat and Play with Friends Camp

Even though it is sometimes just comments as part of the background story, sometimes they will give you a quest to find an object or even plants. You will certainly receive the reward.

70. Robbery Mission with Camp Relatives

Sometimes camp relatives have plans to rob Stagecoach to rob a bank. Usually marked with a circle money symbol. You can just ignore it, but the side mission will disappear temporarily and you have to wait for it again.

71. Use Hair Tonic to Speed ​​Hair Growth

Your hair, mustache and beard will stop growing at a level, but you can use Hair Tonic to further extend hair, mustache and beard, and accelerate its growth. Especially if you want to look cool like Arthur below.
71 Tips for Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 8
So many tips that I can share to you. It may be incomplete because the author himself always finds new things when playing Red Dead Redemption 2. You who have also played and have your own tips can be shared in the comments section!