Tips, Trick and Strategy for Playing Game of Sultans

Tips, Trick and Strategy for Playing Game of Sultans – In the game of Sultans, the main goal is to enlarge the empire and promote the Sultan to a new class; Young Sultan I -> II -> III -> V -> V, then Master, and Grand Sultan. The trick is to increase the level of the Sultan.
The Sultan’s level can affect trade limits, recruit limits, empire power, levy limit, and affairs limit. You can increase the limit on them and level up quickly. How to quickly level up is to focus on playing Campaign Mode, defeat the enemy to get XP.
Tips, Trick and Strategy for Playing Game of Sultans 1

Visit and Random Visit 

If you want to get offspring or Heir, you need to increase the Intimacy level with Consort. As explained above, you need to visit Consort. Go to the Harem, then select Consort, in the lower right corner select the Random Visit button. The prize obtained from Random Visit is Consort XP.
On the same screen, select Consort Portrait, then select the Visit button (Visit Premium requires diamond). With Premium Visit, Consort will get Intimacy Points.

Make use of free gifts or items

To claim the item you have got after completing the quest is to choose the Backpack option on the main screen, there you can see the items you have got.
If you have an item called a renaming card, you can change the name of the Sultan in this game. In addition, you can give other items such as earrings and rings for Consort in the Harem. This can increase the level of charm.

Use the Lamp Feature to get valuable items

Select the Lamp option on the main screen on the right side. Turn on the lights to get a gift. You will get one oil that can be used to turn on the lights.

Improve Vizier skills 

Vizier can help you in many ways. Their skills are very useful. To increase your Vizier skill, go to the Academy then choose Vizier.

Hunt animals in Frontier

You can take part in various events at the Frontier facility, one of which is the hunting grounds. There, Vizier will hunt animals to get gold, score points, and tokens. You can use these tokens to buy rings, hats, clothes, and attribute books.

Kill Pirate at the Pirate Hunting Event

Pirate Hunter is one of the events in the Game of Sultans. In this event, you will join fleet and hunt down pirates. Go to the Pirate Hunter Event, then select Join A Fleet, then after that tap the Hunt Now button. If you find a pirate ship, immediately tap the attack button.
You can attack a ship once at a certain time. If the power on a pirate ship is very high, you can explore other ships with lower power. You can also find pirate chests. To open this chest, you need a key that can be obtained by completing Achievement.

Get free diamond

You can get diamonds for free by just watching video ads in this game. The trick is on the main screen, on the left side of the screen, tap the video icon and watch the video. You can claim this offer 5 times a day to get diamond for free.