Tips Pro Gusion Mobile Legends

Tips Pro Gusion Mobile Legends 1

One of the heroes with two distinct powers, namely the murderer and the Mage is the infamous ability of great damage.

Well, one of the heroes with the double authority is the mainstay of the player’s Gusion.

Gusion It is also a pro player subscription in large tournaments.

However, not everyone is good at playing Gusion. If so, we has tips for the player to become more pro playing Gusion.

Take it out Combo soon

Tips Pro Gusion Mobile Legends 2
Gusion is a hero who has high attack speed. Many say Gusion damage is weak, it’s wrong, you know. Where the player should be able to outsmart, how to pull out a quick combo to get big damage. Therefore, you have to play nimble if you want to take out big damage and generate lots of kills for the team.

As explained earlier, Gusion relies heavily on his skills to produce big damage. His birthday skills can restore Gusion’s cooldown skills and increase the number of swords or the 2 skills he spent. Therefore, try to always use all Gusion skills when dealing with opponents.

Don’t worry about running out because Gusion’s skills instantly suck out, although it has repeatedly issued a combo.

The next tip to use Gusion in a particular way pro is the Dive Turret. Indeed there are still many people who do not dare to do Dive Turret even though the HP hero just a few are blurred. But as a Gusion user, we need to do the Dive Turret because its attack range is quite large. No need to worry about dome attacks, because the skill of his skills can be used to escape.

Use Gusion with confidence

Tips Pro Gusion Mobile Legends 3

Finally, choose Gusion with confidence. Why be confident? Yes, this is very important for players who are key to winning the team, especially when using Gusion.

No need to worry there will be a pout, mocking to say rude. Just shut your skills when using Gusion. However, before the player must have practiced or have used it frequently. Well, that’s the Tipsnya Mobile Legends Gusion player must know.

With a lot of practice, players are guaranteed to use Gusion Pro and generate lots of murders until Savage!

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