Tips for Playing Dinner Dash on Android

Tips for Playing Dinner Dash on Android 1
Tips for Playing Dinner Dash on Android – I didn’t expect that Diner Dash had arrived at the third edition, with the same title, “Diner Dash 3“. in my opinion this game is very entertaining and training dexterity, especially when you are on vacation and there is no planning at all. To get an asterisk there are a number of tips that must be used or applied in playing.

1. Enter at least 3 groups of visitors immediately into the table.

Do not place visitors to the table one by one but at the same time three groups or more. If there are still one or two groups of visitors waiting in line, then let them queue up.

2. Put the visitors with step 1 selectively.

I mean 3 groups or more that consist of only 1 type of visitor. But can not, see number4th.

3. Take at least 3 tables or more at a time.

The steps I mean are steps such as taking orders (menus), bringing food, collecting payments and others. This is done in order to get a double value for each step taken. With the 1st and 2nd methods, it is guaranteed that you will get 3 or more tables that will do the same activity.

4. Place visitors to the table that corresponds to the color of their clothes.

But the main priority remains to the 1st and 2nd habits above. The second reason for the habit is prioritized because the value of the deposit is greater and reduces visitors who want to run away. And the last is to get used to doing the above habits quickly and precisely: D