Tips for Defeating Sea Dragon in Dragon Nest M (Guide)

Tips for Defeating Sea Dragon in Dragon Nest M (Guide) – You can access this Nest in the Daily Event> Dragon Cave> Sea Dragon Nest. But, you have to reach level 40 in order to access this quest.
This Dragon Nest is divided into 2 difficult, namely Grandmaster and Hell. The difference is the grandmaster uses an equivalent mode, which means the equip does not have an effect here, the limit of life is 10 times with the 500 gold (without stones).
While Hell stage is not equivalent, which means it requires fairly good equipment.

Stage 1: Black Mountain Cavern (Grandmaster/ Hell)

At this stage of the black mountain cavern, you are required to kill all the monsters to protect the Light Crystal. There will be several waves of storming of the following monsters:
First Wave: Goblin and Gnool forces.
Secon Wave: Shaman forces.
Third Wave: Spider.
Fourth Wave: Rhino Captain Durrant and Hound.
After all the monsters have been killed and managed to keep the light crystal, the stage is finished and you will get a reward. Then you can gather on the blue portal to continue to the next stage.

Stage 2: Lava Island (Grandmaster / Hell)

On this second stage, you will meet a mini boss, named Larba Golem. Attack as usual and don’t forget to dodge it!
Every time his blood decreases by 1 bar, he always issues a special skill “World Lava Skill“, he will flood the area with lava. The way to avoid it is by leaning on a stepping stone on the edge of the arena that emits blue light

Stage 3: Trio Lizardman

This stage is only ordered to kill 3 lizardmans at once. Every Lizarman dies, he will need 10 seconds to come back to life. Therefore, you have to kill these three Lizardmans quickly 🙂