Tips for Defeating Manticore in Dragon Nest M (Guide)

Tips for Defeating Manticore in Dragon Nest M (Guide) – At this time, I will discuss the Terms to be able to enter the Manticore Nest at Dragon Nest M, why? because the entry requirements are very different from the PC version of Dragon Nest, just immediately check the Manticore Nest Entry Requirements as follows:
1. Easy Mode
Level Requirements: 33
Battle Power (BP): 56000
2. Normal Mode
Level Requirements: 35
Battle Power (BP): 75000
3. Hard Mode
Level: 37 Requirements
Battle Power (BP): 114000
Furthermore, there is also the Manticore hell mode which can enter adventure when it reaches level 40.
Battle Power (BP) Terms above are only formalities, just recommended but not required. If you want to try but your Battle Power is lacking, you can click “USE EXTEND” when you click the button that says ‘Enter Team‘. After you gets a party and goes into the Manticore Nest, you required to defeat each mini boss on stage C before fighting the Manticore.

Stage 1: Bavonde the Minotaur

Tips for Defeating Manticore in Dragon Nest M (Guide) 1
In this stage, this mini boss attacks using an axe, roaring, sitting, and pulling his feet to the ground. This stage is guarded by 4 monsters: Bavonde and 3 little Minatours. If that 3 Little Minatours near Bavonde, it can strengthen attacks, defendd, or restore Bavonde blood.
Following is the description of the 3 little Minatours:
  • Minotaur with Attack aura: Strengthens Bavonde damage.
  • Minotaur with Defense aura: Strengthens the Bavonde defense.
  • Minotaur with a healing aura: Filling Bavonde blood.
“What happen if we ignore it?” Hmm, it’s okay. But i have once hit by the boss axe when my HP full and i was dying. what do you do? want to try? 😀

Stage 2: Banshee Naga

Tips for Defeating Manticore in Dragon Nest M (Guide) 2
The Banshee Naga is a Lamia monster, quite simple in my opinion on stage 2 but a lot of you die silly, why? Because when the mini boss enters number 2, the Banshee Naga will release toxins in the area. How to overcome? Using Stone. 
In the middle of area, there have 4 stones (green, red, yellow, and white). You should pay attention to that stone when the boss just has 2 bar HP, because one of these 4 stones will be active.
You just follow the stone if it lights up. For example, if  Green stone was lit up, going to the green stone area. It’s easier to see which floor is still active, the other 3 floors will turn into ground. 
After the poison is gone, you can come out and hit the damn mini boss again 🙂

Stage 3: Bru Golem (Hell Mode)

Tips for Defeating Manticore in Dragon Nest M (Guide) 3
You need to be know that this stage only appears in hell mode, this golem has immortal skill. You can’t kill it while he will throw stones, roll around, and so on. In order for the boss’s mini immortal buff to disappear, it is necessary for you to kill all existing mini golems.
Tadaa! The Golem that was immortal can you hit after your mini golem is finished. Usually the  golem will return to immortal every time the blood runs out 1 (one) bar.
Big Explosion: a special skill possessed by the Bru Golem
When the golem use the big explosion skill, there is a period of 10 seconds for the you to stop the skill by means of a hit until the green HP bar runs out, if it fails 1 party will die.

Stage: Manticore (Boss)

Tips for Defeating Manticore in Dragon Nest M (Guide) 4
The last stage of the Manticore Nest, here is quite easy which must be remembered, cleverly Dodge, watch out for the claws or tail, be careful if the boss issues a whirlwind skill in front of him. One more thing to remember is when the boss roars while calling many small sequences.
You needs to be remembered again to see if the Minotaur Boss flies, he will plunge back while doing stomp. If you doesn’t want to die, Dodge him when the floor turns red, just count 5 seconds then immediately Dodge him.