Tips for Defeating Carcari Cerberus in Dragon Nest M (Guide)

Tips for Defeating Carcari Cerberus in Dragon Nest M (Guide) – Previously I would discuss the requirements for entering Cerberus Nest at Dragon Nest M, why? because the entry requirements are very different from the PC version, just check the Cerberus Nest entryRequirements as follows:
1. Easy Mode
Level: 20 Requirements
Battle Power (BP): 17000
2. Normal Mode
Level: 27 Requirements
Battle Power (BP): 31000
3. Hard Mode
Level: 30 Requirements
Battle Power (BP): 45000
Furthermore, there is also cerberus hell mode.
Battle Power Terms above are only formalities, just recommended but not required. if you want to try, but the Battle Power is lacking, you can click “USE EXTEND” when you click the button that says Enter Team. 
You can also choose a party or make a party. But if you always kicked when entering random party, you can click “MATCHING TEAM” for a quick join.
After you get a party and goes into Cerberus Nest, you required to defeat each mini boss stage on the Cerberus Nest stage before fighting the Boss.

Stage 1: Minotaur Ice Wizard & Minotaur Flame Wizard

Tips for Defeating Carcari Cerberus in Dragon Nest M (Guide) 1
At this stage, the two mini bosses will take turns releasing skills that make one of them immune. don’t let them gather because  we will not to hit them In essence, you must separate the Minotaur Ice Wizard and the Minotaur Flame Wizard in order to kill them.

Stage 2: Zabri the Ogre Wizard & Ogre Slave

In the second stage, adventure again had to fight the Minotaur again. It’s quite easy, but many fail because they jusy hit it. Those who need adventure note there are 2 things:
Tips for Defeating Carcari Cerberus in Dragon Nest M (Guide) 2

A. Zabri the Ogre Wizard will issue a healing skill.

When Zabri HP was reduced to the 3rd bar, he would use the healing skill which had the effect of replenishing the 2 mini boss’s blood. How to overcome? Hit him until the HP Skill bar (blue bar in the middle) runs out, try to hit before the 10 second countdown ends, then his healing skill will failed

B. Kill these two mini bosses simultaneously

If one of these mini bosses is killed, you must kill the other mini boss no later than 10 seconds after the other mini boss is killed. Because if one of the mini bosses is not killed after one of the bosses dies, then in 10 seconds, The dead boss will return to life normally.

Stage 3: Carcari Cerberus (Boss)

Tips for Defeating Carcari Cerberus in Dragon Nest M (Guide) 3
This is last stage of Cerberus Nest, here is easy to remember, clever Dodge and another thing to remember is when the boss roars calls a lot of Hound. Without wasting any time, you should run to the boss (near boss) if you does not want to die silly.