Tips and Tricks For Playing Dawnbringer (Offline Game)

Tips and Tricks For Playing Dawnbringer (Offline Game) 1
Tips and Triks For Playing Dawnbringer (Offline Game) – Dawnbringer is a cool offline game with graphics in the form of an RPG that contains exciting adventures against monsters. There are three types of monsters, namely fury, reaver, and skulk Monsters.
I have played this game for 1 week and now it’s level 27. play it also already quite proficient, maybe because it’s already used. he he … here I will share tips and tricks on playing Dawnbringer to you:

1. Relax (Stay cool)

because if it’s panic it’s hard to fend off the movement of monsters who want to attack.

2. Parrying

Read the movements of monsters and each monster has a different attack pattern.

3. Focus

Use Potion heal (blood potion) or Wrath (special ability) when the monster wants to attack, the monster’s attack can fail

4. Upgrade Item (Sword, Helmet, Armor, and Shard)

Collect material by opening the chest and breaking the lights, boxes, barrels so that it is easier to just enter dungeon so that the desired material is quickly collected. And complete the Additional mission.
  • Sword to add attacks
  • Helmets to increase the critical percentage
  • Armor to increase defense
  • Shard to increase blood, attack, critical, stamina or exp. There are 6 kinds of shards namely life, might, stamina, rage, wisdom, and chaos. We recommend using shard might, stamina and wisdom.

5. Collect coins

to open a heal potions slot to make it easier when fighting monsters. This coin is obtained every level up and every successful completion of the main mission.

6. Occasionally turn on the data package or wifi

in order to enter the arena mission and take the shard at the Miner’s Market after viewing the video. after it’s finished you should turn off the internet again.

7. Take advantage of travel

when blood is reduced, look at the map and use travel. Usually, there is blood if there is no use to move to another place. This method is used to save material so that it is easier to upgrade items.

8. Look for a free soul and finish the dungeon

In order to quickly level up and get a lot of material. There are 3 kinds of the dungeon, the dungeon skulk which contains skulk fiend, skulk reaper and Skulk Nightmare.
Dungeon Fury contains Fury Raider, Gladiator Fury, and Warlord Fury. Dungeon reaver contains a reaver marauder, reaver thug, and Reaver Destroyer.

9. Take the buff

Buff is obtained after successfully defeating monsters in rift monsters, usually numbering 2-4 monsters. There are 3 types of buffs: buff the critical hit chance in The Sanctum, the health buff in Woodfall, and buff wrath duration in Winter’s Teeth. the buff can take more than one buff.

10. Use both hands

Right hand to attack while left hand to use health potions and wrath. And to deflect it, the right hand should be used to deflect the right, right, and top corners while the left hand is used to deflect the left and the left corner.