Tips and Tricks Using Incense Item in Pokemon GO

Tips and Tricks Using Incense Item in Pokemon GO – Even though players know this function but there are still many who don’t know how to use it properly, here are our tricks on how to use incense to get more pokemon.
There are several things that need to be done so that the use of incense items is more optimal, including:

1. Use incense in a crowded place with Pokestop

Activating incense items in remote areas is not very good but there is something interesting when we activate incense in quiet areas the possibility of getting bigger rare pokemon.
Like some time ago I tried this item in a quiet area near rice fields, I only got 3 Pokemon items, 2 of which were Electabuzz and Schyter. So, if you are looking for a rare Pokemon, please use this method. But keep in mind this is not a sure result, different cities may be different from Pokemon

2. Use incense items

While continuing to go as far as possible in one direction, don’t go back and forth. Within a distance of 100-300 meters it is likely there will be 1-3 pokemon.
Now imagine if you activate 1 incense (30 minutes) and move at a speed of 60 k/h, how many pokemon do you get? Certainly a lot. Here I do not invite you to activate the incense and speed up riding a motorcycle while looking at your smartphone, you might even enter the hospital: D
Tips and Tricks Using Incense Item in Pokemon GO 1
I shared my experience yesterday when I returned home to my hometown about 200km up a bus and I activated 3 incense during the trip. The results of the 3 incense used successfully collected 64 Pokemon.
Conclusion. When you use incense items, keep moving one direction and move as far as possible. The existence of Pokemon in every 100-300 meters is likely to have 1-3 pokemon.
I recommended to incense items when you plan to travel far like a vacation to a city and once again that needs to be remembered. I do not recommend doing this method while driving.