Tips and Tricks for Playing Pets on Tagged

Tips and Tricks for Playing Pets on Tagged – Pets is an online game about buying and selling pets, in that game we are a pet that can be bought by other people and can also buy as pet owners. The game can be played on tagged.
Not much different from other games, when playing Pets we are required to continue to increase the number of assets so that the ranking continues to fall (ranking down means better), both ranking in the country of origin, as well as overall ranking in Tagged, if you are ranked in the Tagged term “Hi-Five“.
Tips and Tricks for Playing Pets on Tagged 1
In Pets, there are several terms, namely Value, Cash and Assets. understanding of these terms is:
  1. Value is the value (price) we sell as a pet.
  2. Cash is money that is owned, can be used to buy a pet.
  3. Assets are the sum of the prices (value) of all owned pets plus the amount of cash held.
Pet who gets a certain ranking has the right to get the country’s flag icon under the picture pet’s profile. To obtain the flag icon, the pet must get a certain ranking, where the ranking in the pet in each country is different.
Besides ranking in his country there is also a ranking (Tagged) so that he can get the Tagged flag under the picture pet profile, to get the Tagged flag I don’t know how much the Tagged ranking is. If you know, please comment 🙂
Pet will get a better ranking if there are more assets. Of course, you have to add cash, to add cash can be done in two ways, namely:
  1. Buy gold and then exchange it for cash, to buy gold you must use a credit card or Paypal.
  2. Earn profits from the sale and purchase of pets. For example, we buy a pet for 10,000 and then sell it at a price of 11,000, we get a 5% profit that is 500, the percentage of profits has been determined by the game and can not be adjusted according to their own volition.

I use the number 2 method because if you have to spend real money it seems like a shame, hehe. Buying pets must be careful, because if these pets do not sell well, the capital will settle and cash will not increase. To get profits from buying and selling pets, it is required to be able to get good and good pets on the market, pets that sell in the market must have certain conditions, namely:
  1. Having AOV (Assets Over Value). Namely, the amount of assets owned exceeds the selling price.
  2. Have enough cash to buy and sell pets. A good cash amount is usually not much different from the number of assets, even better if the value is above the selling price.
  3. Have a lot of Wisher, meaning that the pet is expected to be bought by another pet if he has enough cash.
  4. Active in playing pet games, at least once a day playing this game.

If you find and buy a pet with the conditions above, then the pet will sell quickly and will get a profit so that the number of cash increases. Usually, pets that have the above conditions will sell in less than 24 hours. This method is usually done to buy and sell pets at expensive prices.
Buying and selling pets can also be done by browsing pets, this method is rather difficult, the risk can be trapped buying pets that do not have the conditions as above. Buying and selling pets in this way is indeed faster time, in 1 hour you can do dozens of transactions to buy pets and get cash from the profits from buying and selling pets.
To buy and sell pets by browsing, you have to pay attention to the exchange of the owner of the pet, if the exchange is fast it will usually sell quickly. At that time we have to try to buy the pet before the owner’s exchange slows down and finally.
The pet doesn’t sell anymore in the market, pets that sell well in this way are usually beautiful and sexy female pets with lots of wishers. To be safe, stop buying the pet if the price reaches 2,000,000 N.
Buying and selling pets by browsing is very dependent on the speed of the internet connection, requires speed and patience to buy and sell pets in this way.
Flipping is buying and selling (exchanging) pets with other people, in this way usually other people contact via message to cooperate in flipping, he will tell us to buy the pets he owns and then he will buy again.
This method is not recommended for new people! There are many cases of fraud where he does not buy pets that we have bought from him and eventually our cash is reduced, if the pets have an AOV, if not, the pets will not sell well. .
So some tips and tricks on playing pets games in Tagged, be careful before buying pets because they will reduce cash if pets are no longer sold.