Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai

Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai – Who doesn’t know Naruto characters? A ninja hero from the village of Konohagakure and written by Masashi Kishimoto. Now, Bandai has released Naruto online games, namely Naruto Online.  there are tips and tricks for playing Naruto Online © Bandai:

1. Login Every Day

Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai 1
That which has a circle is the sign that you have logged in. When you are logged in, don’t forget to click click on the date at that time. if you have fulfilled the requirements, you will get a prize according to the picture above.

2. Take Free Gifts Every Day

always take free gifts from the Online Pack, Lucky Runes, Mysterius Cave, Free Recruitment Ninjas, Free Recruitment Summon, Ninja Taks Room.

3. Flush the Wishing Tree

Click water to water the tree, don’t forget to flush the friend’s tree by clicking on the flush tool icon. If Growth is full, you will get prizes in the form of coupons, coins or cave keys.

4. Use Sweep

Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai 2
Sweep it to make it easier and save time so that it is easier to get material, magatama and ninja fragments. Don’t forget to sweep the survival trial and Ninja exam. And remember that every day you have to reset and sweep back.
However, to turn on this sweep button. First, you have to get 3 stars.

5. Complete the Daily and Weekly missions

Always complete the mission so that your level increases quickly.

6. Complete the Arena and Challange Ranked Battle missions

Complete the arena mission with the arena training. In the Challange Ranked Battle, you are given the opportunity to challenge other users to fight with you

7. Check Mail

Always see messages, sometimes there are gifts given by message.

8. Check on Hot Topic

Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai 3
Usually, there are interesting events but have limited time.

9. Upgrade Strengthen

Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai 4
Raise the following items: Equipment Strengthening, Equipment upgrading, Magatama Baset, Equipment Refining, Equipment Purify, Rune Stone, Charms. That will add ninja power

10. Hot Spring

To recover stamina quickly, or if you want AFK, I advise you to go to the hot spring.

11. Create a Team

If you want to complete the Instance Team, Wanted Mission, Seal and Strong Approaching, I advise you to create a team to make it easier to complete the Mission.

12. Join Clan / Group

In order to participate in the war between clans, don’t forget to donate and always claim group funds.

13. Use the Right Summon

Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai 5
Use the right Summon to help combos, summon can only be done by the default ninja.

14. Use the Right Talent

Tips and Tricks For Playing Naruto Online ©Bandai 6
use the right talent to do combos and always pay attention to chase.