Tips and Tricks for Playing Mini World Art Games

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mini World Art Games – I know these tips and tricks when I play Mini World Art games, so if there are similarities with other blogs, I don’t know. The problem is I recorded according to my experience playing the game. here the tips:

1. Make a mattress

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mini World Art Games 1
The mattress can be made using some wool, but in my opinion looking for wool is difficult, why is it difficult, because we have to kill the spider (the net is taken then made into wool), if it’s not wrong.
The problem is when I play survival, I rarely make mattresses, because the material is hard to find.

2. Look for wood

You can look for wood first if you want to feel the battle against night creatures, the function of wood in this game is very important. Because wood is a starting block at the beginning of the game.
You can make a crafting table (in Minecraft) or a creation table. The function of the table is to make other items such as weapons, other blocks and others.

3. Mining or mining

After you look for wood then create goods, I suggest mining in the ground to get coal. The function of coal is to make a torch if it is the night.

4. Gardening/farming

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mini World Art Games 2
These tips are useful for meeting the food needs of heroes in the game. The first plant, I recommend rice only, because if other plants are difficult to find. You just destroy the grass and find the seeds … explode.

5. Breeding

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mini World Art Games 3
I suggest that the chicken farms first, why do chickens not a cow. Because the way chickens are needed is only the wheat or rice that you have planted.

6. Make a simple home

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mini World Art Games 4
When I first started playing, I advised you to make a small house, a box can also be used, it could be for a luxurious house, but it was very difficult. The function for you, fight the mattress, if last night directly to Kapuk Men Island.

7. Play with friends

Very recommended if this game is played with your friends online, and hotspot (I don’t know whether the way this hotspot can be 100% successful, does not mean it is not possible … only I have never used a hotspot when playing this game … but we can use data package).
if above I explain about tips to play this game, now I will explain the trick to play Mini World Art games:

1. Dig

Dig down or dig a grave, not kidding. digging down, beginners usually digging the ground just one block down, it’s really wrong guys and also dangerous you could fall on lava.
Tips and Tricks for Playing Mini World Art Games 5
The correct dig down is digging the ground 2 blocks down. the way we stand is between 2 blocks and then the right and left dig down, well in the future.

2. Make a permanent pool

Well, this one method might work and might fail, because this method I take is similar to the game Minecraft. The trick is to punch the ground 2×2 and then give the water just 2 buckets in the corner. The method for taking water is to take in the unsaturated part of the water.

3. How to quickly take sand

First the one tool you need is only one, the torch, if the other one I don’t know, haven’t tried it yet. The way you dig the sand is blocked at the bottom and given the torch.