Tips Tricks Playing Minesweeper Game

 Tips Tricks playing Minesweeper Game – You certainly are no tranger to this game, right? Yes, a standard game that can be found on every PC. But do you really know how to play Minesweeper game?
In this game, you will be given a “land” (depicted by small plots) which between the “land” there are several landmines. Your job is to secure “land” by opening (clicking) the plots as well as marking (right-clicking) the plots that you consider to contain mines. However, if you mistakenly open a plot containing mines, the game ends. You lose. | Tips Tricks Playing Minesweeper
Some people consider this game to be a chance game. If by chance we click not mine, luckily. But if we click it turns out to be mine, yes fate. Gambling, without any tricks or certain keys.
Logically, if a game is only based on luck, then, of course, there are very few people who succeed in completing it. Or maybe there isn’t even someone who can finish it many times.
However, after reading this article you will know that this game is also a logic game. You will easily finish it-even-many times.

Minesweeper game is divided into 4 levels:

1. Beginner (9×9 plot: 10 mines)
2. Intermediate (16×16 tiles: 40 mines)
3. Expert (30×16 plot: 99 mines), and
4. Custom (we can set the number of plots and the number of mines by ourselves)
Tips Tricks Playing Minesweeper Game 1
Then now the question is, how can we know that the plot contains mines or not?

When you will start this game, you must choose one of the plots to open. Yes, for what I say is indeed a chance. There are no tricks at all. You only need to pray so that you accidentally click instead of mines. * grinning …
Now, if your prayer is answered, the plot is not mine – then the plot (or maybe a few plots) will open, and the numbers will be seen there. For those who don’t know, these numbers may mean nothing.
But actually, these numbers are the key for you to find out where the plots have mines.
The key is simple: the number shows how many mines are around it. If you have a number, what is called ‘surrounding’ is the plots that surround the number. So if you look at number 1 there, then there is only one mine around, the other is certainly not mine.
Note the plots that are given letters a, b, c, and d below:
Tips Tricks Playing Minesweeper Game 2
  1. Around number 1 there will only be one mine. Because the plot is the only plot around number 1, it is confirmed that the plot contains mines.
  2. In plot b there are no mines. Because even though he is below number 2, if there are mines in the plot, it means that around number 1 there will be 2 mines, and this is impossible.
  3. Plot c is a mine. Because around number 2, there must be 2 mines. We have found one (ie in plot a). And because of plot b, not mine, then the only remaining plot belonging to number 2 is plot c.
  4. Plot d is certainly not mine, because mines contained in plot c are automatically belonging to number 1 that is there.
In this game, it will also count how long until you can find/mark existing mines. Just being arrogant, my record for Beginner is 17 seconds! But if the Intermediate and Expert never get a record, h-haaa … Hope this tips tricks playing minesweeper usefull.