Tips and Tricks for Buying Pets on Tagged

Tips and Tricks for Buying Pets on Tagged – As explained in the provisions of Tagged play Pets, the player will get cash (profit) from the sale of the pet (if it sells for 5%) from the price of the pet when he bought it (not from the price when the pet was sold). If the pet is expensive, it will certainly produce greater profits.
Of course, all players want to be able to buy and sell pets that have expensive prices, but as the term “the higher the tree the more the wind hits it,” meaning the more expensive the price of the pet, the greater the risk.
What is meant by risk is the risk of loss for buying a pet that cannot be sold or long, especially if the pet becomes a ghost? Therefore it is necessary to understand how to buy a pet that is expensive but the risk is small, here I will discuss some tips for buying a pet.

1. Value, Cash and Assets

Tips and Tricks for Buying Pets on Tagged 1
A good pet has an asset that is greater than Value (AoV = Asset over Value), especially if the pet has Cash that is greater than Value (CoV = Cash over Value).
But it needs to be questioned if Cash = Asset but the pet doesn’t have a pet, where can it get cash? In some countries there is an opportunity to obtain cash from gold exchange, where gold is obtained from several promotions that are free.
The opportunity to obtain gold is not valid in some countries like Indonesia, unless there are several free gold promotion offers if you open a pet with an application on a smartphone/tablet (not on the PC browser).
But AoV or CoV is not enough to consider that the pet is worth buying, other aspects need to be considered.

2. Interested (Wisher)

Tips and Tricks for Buying Pets on Tagged 2
A good pet usually has a lot of wishers, a pet that is expensive and worth buying has a number of wishers more than 100, even reaching thousands, the more wisher the better.

3. Ranking

Tips and Tricks for Buying Pets on Tagged 3
A good pet certainly has a ranking as his achievement, both ranking in his country and even ranking in Tagged. Ranking can be seen with the country’s flag logo.
From the ranking can also be seen the history of the pet by looking back on each month. If every month he has a ranking then he is a pet that is worth buying.
More important than ranking is its history, by looking at the moon backward, we can know when he played pet? A good pet has a long history, the longer he plays pet, the more pet is worth buying.

4. Latest News (What’s New)

Tips and Tricks for Buying Pets on Tagged 4
In the Latest News column, there is information about what was done and what happened to the pet at the last time? There is some important information that can be obtained from the column, namely:

a. Activeness. 

A good pet is certainly very playful, the more he plays, the better. Active pets usually play every day, even the 10 pages in the latest news may only contain 2 or 3 days of activity.

b. Buy and sell. 

A good pet has cash that is greater than value, but how it gets cash is also a consideration, it is less likely that it has billions of dollars in cash but is traded by pets that have a value of $ Q or $ N. In this information is displayed whether the pet plays Cash Run or not? Because even though not all but some pet players don’t like to buy pets that like to play Cash Run.

5. Pet owned

A good pet will also buy a good pet. Can be seen if he has several pets, is the pet good too? If all the pets they have criteria that are not good then it should be suspected, it is likely that he is not the original player, but only a garbage container owned by the original player, in this case also known as the Pet Dump.
Usually, a dumped pet can be AoV but CoV is not possible. It can be seen also the activity of the pet it has, if the pet has been active for a long time then it can be categorized as a pet dump.

6. Instinct and Experience

Some of the above are tips for categorizing pets that are worth buying or not worth buying based on information on the pet page. But the information is not a guarantee that the pet is good and will be quickly sold back.
Instincts and experiences are also taken into consideration. A player who has been playing for a long time has more experience so he also has better instincts. In addition to information about the pet also use the instinct to buy a pet.
  • The more expensive the value of the pet the greater the profit (cash) obtained
  • The better the pet is bought, the faster the pet will be sold again
  • The faster you sell again the more exchanges of buying and selling
  • The more exchanges buying and selling, the more cash that is earned
  • Be careful about buying a pet because a bad pet will sell long, or maybe l