Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners – AFK Arena is a casual action card game, where players can build a team that is personalized and can level up with the AFK automated and unique farming system. Join other players from all over the world on this fantasy journey and prevent ancient devils from destroying the world of Esperia.
In this article, I will give some tips and tricks for playing the AFK Arena game for those of you who just want to play this game. Ohiya, I will make this article later in 2 parts, because I think if it’s made directly and long, it will make you feel bored to read it.

1. Join Guild

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners 1
There are many benefits that you can get if you have joined a Guild. By joining a guild you will be able to access the guild hunting feature, which is against the boss who will drop the reward according to the damage you give to the boss. Basically, Guild Hunt can only be accessed 2 times every day and the rewards that can be obtained are random and most are Gear Equipment.
Besides that, joining a guild will also increase the number of your friends. fellow friends in a guild will be able to share their hero cards, each of which can be used to complete your library.
Completing each of your libraries with high-grade heroes can give you a number of buffs that are very useful for your heroes later. So don’t forget to equip your library with the highest grade hero cards.

2. Add Many Friends

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners 2
Add as many friends as you can, open the global chat feature and ask other players to add you as a friend. Because by having lots of friends, you will be able to help one another, namely by receiving and sending hearts.
The heart itself functions to summon cards. You can exchange 10 hearts that you get for one summon.
The point is you can only send 1 Heart to your friends for each day. Because you can only have a maximum of 30 friends in the game, that means you can get 30 hearts each day. Of course, this is good enough to be able to open 3 times a summon every day.

3. Buff Your Action Team

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners 3 
During the game, there are 5 crystals in the top right corner of your screen. You can tap or touch it to find out your buff.
When you use the Hero from the same faction of the crystal in the upper right corner your android will turn on and can give you a buff for all team members. The more Crystals interrupted, the more buff you can get with the team.

4. Defeat Arcane Labyrinth Until Completed

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners 4
Arcane Labyrinth has quite a lot of rewards like Diamond’s and also Labyrinth Tokens that can be used to buy a Hero Relic in the store. So try to solve it as much as you can
Arcane Labyrinth will be refreshed once every 48 hours. During that time try as much as possible to be able to complete the Arcane Labyrinth before the time is up and refreshed. Because it would be very unfortunate if the Arcane Labyrinth was refreshed before you finished it.

5. Conquering King Tower Until Completed

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners 5
Same as with Labyrinth. Try to continue to finish the floor in King Towers until you can’t continue anymore.
There are 270 floors in the Kings Tower and for each complete One Floor in King Towers will get a number of Diamond, Gold and Relic Rare or Relic Epic rewards for every multiple of 10 floors. Surely this will sting useful to add to your diamond snacks later.
You need to know. Unlike the Labyrinth, King tower will not be reset so you can only take a prize once for each floor.

6. Complete the Bounty Quest

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners 6
By completing the Bounty Quest and sending a Hero, you can work on every mission. Do it every day so you can increase your Bounty Quest level quickly. Having a higher level Bounty Quest, you will be able to receive Quests with a higher level as well as a bigger Reward.

7. Complete Daily Quest and Weekly Quest

Tips and Tricks AFK Arena for Beginners 7
Completing the Daily Quest and Weekly Quest is very important because it will give you rewards or prizes every day and every week. So don’t forget to finish. Apart from that, this is also useful for your Guild.