Tips and Tricks For Playing Onet on PC or Smartphone

Tips and Tricks For Playing Onet on PC or Smartphone – Onet is a game that pairs the same two images, which have been randomized.  In Indonesia, this game is known as Onet. However, abroad, this game is known as the Kawai Game, Pikachu Game or Pokemon Game because the images in the game are characters in the Pikachu / Pokemon movie.
The benefit of Playing Onet
Before playing the game, of course, we must know what the benefit. By playing Onet you can train the sharpness of memory, concentration, and precision.
If you are upset, sad, a lot of thought, I highly recommend this game because this game is very mind and attention to your mind becomes distracted, hehe.
Your brain will be forced to stay focused on completing challenging level-by-level games. However, don’t worry about tension because this game will make your mind feel more relaxed afterward.
Onet Desktop and Mobile versions available
Since its inception, Onet is a game that can only be played on a computer. However, as time goes on, Onet can also be played on mobile phones.
For those of you who have an Android cell phone, you can download it on the Play store.
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1. Remember the Character Image and location

In this game, you are limited by time. Therefore, don’t waste time. Use your memory to remember the character image and location. If a pair of images is found, attach it immediately.
There are tens to hundreds of images that must be paired. It is impossible to win this game if every time you pair an image, you check it one by one, all of you are running out of time.

2. Take Decisions Quickly and Properly

Once again I remind you, you are racing against time. For that, immediately attach the same picture and do it right.
An error in pairing the image will cause “No more move” in the game, which is to run out the move to the image has to be shuffle (the image is scrambled) so the game can continue.
image shuffle will reduce the amount of assistance (* regarding help will be explained in point 3).

3. Use the Help Menu Wisely

There are 2 help menus in Onet, namely search (to find the same pair of images) and shuffle (to randomize images). At the beginning of the game, players will be given assistance or ‘life’ in the form of 9 search times and 6 times Shuffle.
In various versions of the Onet game for HP that I have played, we will get an alias +1 shuffle every time we manage to level up with a maximum of 9 shuffles, while for search it cannot increase.
Less alias -1 shuffle or -1 search for every 1-time use.
The use of this two assistance is not limited to just one level, in other words, players can use it as they wish and at any time until zero alias help runs out.
But, you shouldn’t. Save the help that you have because the right time to use the help menu, in my opinion, is when the remaining time is left in half.
So, keep checking the time remaining you or the remainder of the time when playing Onet. Don’t until the game is almost finished, you even lose because of running out of time.

4. Spend the Opposing Image in the Direction of the First Movement

In Onet, there are 4 images of the same character, that means there are 2 pairs of the same character in each level.
Spend the open image from the outermost area first, which is the opposite of the direction of movement of the image (open image is an image that can be paired because there is no barrier).
For example, the image moves up to the top, then spend the image below. Then, the right and left side. Finally, just the top.
For images that move down then do the opposite. Spend the top picture first. Then, the right and left side. Finally, just the bottom.
If the image from the left and right shift to the middle then attach the image at the bottom. Then, the left and right side. Then, the top.
Finally, the image that moves from left to right then finishes the bottom first. Then, the left side. Then, the top.
In conclusion, first, spend the image that is located opposite to the direction of movement or image shift. Except, for images that move from left to right or right to left, spend the bottom first.

5. Memorize each level Image Movement

In all versions of the Onet game, each level has a different movement or shift.
By memorizing the movement, you can take steps quickly once the next level is displayed on the screen so you can prevent missteps and can level up quickly.