Lifeafter Tips and trick

Lifeafter Tips and Trick – Life After is a survival game made by Net-Ease that invites you to survive the world. In this game, you will hunt, gathering, and craft. In addition to zombie attacks, you will face with difficulties and various obstacles. You have to work with friends or other players to survive the zombies. 
For those of you who have a trouble when playing Life After, follow the tips and tricks here to play LifeAfter.
Lifeafter Tips and trick 1

Craft armor and weapons as soon as possible

You must have a weapon if you want to survive longer, you have to make a shotgun or rifle to find the area are full of zombies. Go to the gear workstation -> craft -> make weapons.
To make machetes, you need wood, stones, flax or iron ore. All of these items can be obtained in the wilderness. Helicopter -> Pact Zone -> wilderness (autumn forest).
To make Mondragon rifles, you need wood, rough iron and bones. Bone can be obtained by killing animals in the wilderness. 
To make coarse iron, you need iron ore and twigs. Mini map Tap so you are available in the wilderness -> zoom in on the mini map and you will see available resources
Besides the weapons, don’t forget to make armor as soon as possible because armor can increase defense and reduce damage from zombies.

Collect hemp to make a bandage

To restore your HP, you need a bandage. To make a bandage, you need hemp. Tap make option -> restore -> bandage. Use your HP compilation bandage low.

Grab a backpack

If you die, you will lose the item you have. After death, you can respawn at a random location or at home. To be able to get the item back, you must visit the place where you die. Mark the place with the backpack icon in the mini-map and go to there.

Command the dog to look after you

You can assign dogs as guards. Get close to the dog’s sign -> see the pet -> tap the dog -> guard. To feed the dog, tap the dog avatar in the upper left corner of the screen, select feed. Here you can improve the atmosphere or statistics of fullness by feeding dogs. You can feed dogs with milk, bones, and more.
Remember, if your pet is not in the mood, he won’t accept your request.

Use a bed to restore HP

You have to sleep to recover your HP. By default, you get a free bed. You only need to explore the cabin or you can make your own bed.

Take part in the event

Tap ‘every day’ at the top right of the screen to update the current event. You can get money and goods at the event.

Working with friends

You can work with your friends to make it easier to fight zombies. If you don’t have friends to playing this game, tap the chat board and then select the contact and you can invite other players to join you or you can tap the sign> then select the flag icon -> tap to collaborate -> select area -> select team -> join to join the room.  In addition, you can also create your own team.
Keep in mind that you cannot meet your friends if you are on a different server.