Part 1: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online

Today i will share the article some as the previous topic, that is Part 1: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online. You can do this tips to make your gameplay better.

1. Equating crew member level on pirate king

Maybe some of you are confused when you see in the Arena menu, there are so many users whose membership level is very close to the main member level, so I have also felt this way. Apparently, our crew members only need training. faster point training so they will quickly level up.
  1. Upgrade the Training Room on the Main Ship to 15 or 20 levels (this will enlarge XP during acceleration training)
  2. Click Training in the left sidebar of the screen, Train Crew that you want to train
  3. Click Accelerate until the crew is the same level as Protamu

2. Get a crew for free

In addition to increasing fame to get the crew we want, it turns out there is another way so that we can get a crew for free, a strong crew too. but this is a lucky factor.
  1. Enter the Bar (Usually guarded by Mi Rui), Click Talks
  2. in the Roll column, just click Get. Usually, we will get Fame, Berry, Favor, Gold, but if we are lucky we can also get a Crew.
The most sought-after crew is Smoker, Perona, Kiku, Lilu, Enel, and many more. But we need to defeat them first in Battlefield, all the crew in the bar are the crew we defeated in the battlefield that has the writing (Roll Crew).

3. Enlarge Income Sailing

Sailing is one of the facilities that thickens our pockets on the Pirate King, and can also increase our contribution to the guild, because even though once or twice a day there is our contribution to the guild via sailing.
  1. Open the Main Ship
  2. Upgrade the Master Room & Sailor Room

4. Add Skills without having to wait up level 40 or 50

One way to get skills without having to go up to that level is by studying (Learn) Skills from other crew. there is some crew that we can learn the skills, namely Buggy, Usopp, Nami, Kaya, Vivi, etc.
To get the skills from the crew, we need to fulfill their charm level as specified. Buggy, for example, must be raised to level 5 charm. then after reaching that level, click Learn. Every time you recruit new crew, pay attention to whether there are skills that can be learned or not, if possible, it never hurts to try it.
Part 1: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 1

5. Activity Battle Team without wasting loading time

I got this tip from one of the posts on the Facebook forum, but I forgot who was missing who -_- The initial steps are easy, which is to enter the Activity menu and select Battle Team:
  1. After clicking Start, just click Pet Menu
  2. A loading collision will occur between Team Battle and Pet Island
  3. If Pet Island is open first, this is already a success
  4. Then when you battle the team, the activity will come out with RSCH and there will be no loading war

6. Guide to transfer charm between crew

Transfer charm between crew can be done at the Pirate King even though it is limited to crew members only, Prota cannot transfer or transfer the charm. Before making a charm transfer, we need an item called Arrows of Love.
Part 1: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 2
To get Arrows of Love, one of them is to get a Daily Login Reward on the seventh day. If you already have Arrows of Love just open the Crew menu and then select the Gift tab.
For example, we want to transfer charm from Lena to Miss Monday. Click Lena then click Inherit Charm. Then, Select Miss Monday Then Click Start. when there is a confirmation box that comes out click Yes


Part 1: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 3

7. Mine Occupation Tips

For Mine Occupation, you should take a blue mine because the berry obtained is bigger than the yellow mine. If there is no blue mine in your region, just click the Next region and continue to the last region. if indeed it doesn’t get the new one, take yellow.
If you want a bigger berry, just go to Camp Neutral where camp south, west and North can enter there. even there is a red mine, the occurrence of robbery is indeed bigger, but not what try just the challenges.

8. Maximizing Fame Acquisition

The most common function of fame is so that we can recruit a Crew that is stronger in the Pirate King if we keep collecting Fame, then for a long time we will get these strong Crew, there are Alvida, Nami, Dalton, etc.
Fame is also needed to do Character Transfer. Here are some activities that will add our Fame to the Pirate King.
  • Arena, every day we have the opportunity to battle with other players in the arena up to 20 times. and get 10 fame each battle.
  • Robbery, Beat other players in the Treasure Hunt menu
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Defeating World Boss (Kraken & Punk Dragon)
  • Daily Event Rewards, can get fame up to 300 fame of day.
  • Sailing
  • Roll
  • Arena Bonus, when our rank is at a higher level, our bonus fame also increases, bonus arena is usually given every 72 hours.
  • Battle Field Rewards
  • Develop to Guild
  • Donate Gold to the Guild
  • Party (Guild)
  • Festival Event
  • Daily Login
  • Attack on the Harbor

9. Maximizing Earnings Favor

The Favor function is very much on the Pirate King,
  1. Create Research (Study)
  2. exchange items with gifts to add charm
  3. Create an accelerate train crew
  4. make an accelerate train pet
  5. For the refresh treasure hunt
  6. for character transfers
  7. add yourself
if it’s not wise to make a favor, you can get it fast. Here are some activities that add our favor to the pirate king

9. Maximizing the Acquisition of Berry

  1. Resolving Task / Quest, the task is usually managed by Angelina Lika, we only need to solve it
  2. Daily Login Bonus, must log in every day so that the incipient adds
  3. Daily Task, if it’s level 55, we can upgrade the daily task
  4. Sailing
  5. Order, I think it’s a bit strange, we order (order) food but we get the money
  6. how to click on the Social menu, select Friend, on the friend list there will be some friends who have an order menu. click the order menu.
  7. tips: the higher the level of friends that we order is usually the bigger berries
  8. Slavery,
  9. Daily Event reward
  10. Registered at the Arena
  11. Fight the World Boss
  12. Treasure Hunt
  13. Battlefield Reward
  14. Selling items, items that have been enhanced will be more expensive.
  15. Sell food from Kitchen
  16. Salary,
  17. Robbery,
  18. Mine Occupation
  19. Roll
  20. Dungeon
  21. Resource War
  22. Tournament Event
  23. Tournament Reward