Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online

Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online – Today i will share the article some as the previous topic, that is Part 3: Tips and Trick for Playing Pirate King Online. You can do this tips to make your gameplay better.

1. How to send a love letter  

Have you ever got a letter like this on the Pirate King? A shielded logo with a sword
Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 1
this is about the contents of the letter. XXX Challenge you, you failed, rank down to YYY. Letters like that we can also send, We recommend sending the letter to a user whose level is higher than us, so there is little pride when we win. if you win, the user is below our level, it’s normal.

To send the love letter, enter the arena, beat one of the players, now there is a winning note that is under player2, there are two choices in each entry:
  1. View for replays
  2. Link to send the love letter.

2. Speed up the Rage Crew

Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 2
For beginners, maybe they still don’t understand, why many use Kaya and Vivis while the two of them can’t hurt their opponents. For example, Kaya and Vivi have the ability to speed up Rage. Each crew has Skill and Rage,
Skill is the ability that the crew releases when they turn, while rage is the rage’s ability of the crew. Rage usually comes out after the crew gets a 4 x turn, or is hit by 4 x by the opposing player.

According to me, it’s also better to use them, so for example this. we use Alvida’s crew. physical attack is only damaging 700. For example, but the damage is 3000, well Alvida attacks once you can get all the enemies, can be 5 at a time, 5 x 3000 = 15000 damage. well, it becomes clearer why speeding up rage is important; D

3. Planning Massacre in Battle Field

There is a simple way to win and not to waste vitality in the battlefield Pirate King. We just need to click the crew in our form. When we are going to attack, we are shown how it forms our opponents, now we just need to shift our crew position by assuming where the good position and the right skill should be.

For example, we can use horizontal skills and hit 3 opposing crew at once, the fight will take faster. Not only Prota (the main Crew) can change its position, everything is can, by just changing the form. Even when you lose the results you can change to win.


Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 3
and then
Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 4

4. Lost in BattleField often? Just look at another Form player

Some of us, especially those whose power is mediocre because of the little berries, may often be stuck in one strong enemy, we can be our opponent, Miss Valentine, Nico Robin, Foxy, Franky, Pirate Assassins, and so on.
It can also be from enemies on the dungeon activity, or also a nightmare. Well, why don’t you see the form and crew of other players who have just passed the enemy? because the form and crew determine our victory,

5. Tip Tips Create Dapetin Roll Crew

Many of us, may want to get more Crew from Roll or Talks. According to rumors that the wind blows: there are ways to fish the crew roll. The way is, when you get one or two crew, don’t take it straight away, of course, the not-so-important crew is not immediately taken.
If the crew is indeed your favorite, like Enel, Kaku, Lilu, Perona, or Smoker, for example, it doesn’t matter to immediately take it. But, luck is still one of the factors, the tips and tricks are already very many who do it so I better share it too 😀
Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 5

6. How to Write a Message on Your Own Ship in the Harbor

For those of you who still use the default message on your ship in the harbor, why don’t you try using the sentence yourself? Usually, the sentence is like this:
Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 6
  • So to replace it
  • Click Harbor
  • Right out the window
  • Your camp
  • Select view
  • Then click your ship.
  • Click Message.
  • Then, delete the existing message, and make a message from yourself to another player. This message will usually be read by someone trying to attack you, or conquer you.
Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 7

7. Tips for Getting Fortune Rank

Fortune Rank, or lucky ranking, is a certain rank where we will get a prize when we get that rank. Prizes to be obtained are in the form of Gold (50 or 100 gold) and also a potential stone that is useful for transferring potential to black smiths. 
To get Fortune Rank, it’s better to look at just how many ranks of fortune rank there are. Click the Arena menu, then click Fortune Rank
Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 8
The fortune ranking window will exit, and the rank we need to target is in the fortune rank column. while in background rank, they were the previous fortune rank winners. If it turns out that our rank is too far ahead, or too far behind, it’s better to retreat to a lower rank because the chance to gain fortune rank is greater.

To make it easier for us to retreat to the rear rank, it’s better to not only have the crew you have, for example, just use prota (the main character). because it’s easier for us to lose, it’s also easier for us to retreat. and the opportunity to get fortune rank is greater.


Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online 9 

8. Source Gold on the Pirate King

Gold in the Pirate King has many benefits, almost all features related to the time at the Pirate King can be boosted (accelerated) with gold. Okay here’s how to get gold on pirate king.
  1. Top Up Gold
  2. Sailing
  3. Rollbar (Talks) on Mi Rui NPC
  4. being in Fortune Rank
  5. Cheer on the Tournament
  6. Open the Treasure chest in BattleField
  7. Daily Task
  8. Daily Login
  9. Top Winner Tournament
  10. Certain events also provide gold as a prize (or also spend gold (-_-))
  11. If I am not mistaken, the Top Boss World Attacker can also get gold (I have never received T_T)

9. Maximizing the Achievement of Viatlity in the Pirate King

Because there are so many searches on how to get vitality, this time I will really write it. we really have to be patient about this vitality because the problem is rarely obtained massively. Here are the ways to get vitality in the Pirate King
  1. Party in the guild. At first, every time we join a party we will get 2 vitalities, and can continue to grow if the guild develops its participant. if we don’t join, we will only get half of it
  2. Wait half an hour
  3. Daily login (from 4th to 7th day)
  4. Open the last treasure box on the Event list
  5. Buying Vitality (20 Gold / Vit)
  6. Certain events also provide vitality as a usual gift (Flop Card Festival event for example)
  7. Sometimes there is also a commission from meintenance that presents vitality as a gift (20 vit & 30 vit)
  8. About vitality, it can’t be obtained easily, because this game is also set up for a long time, so we also should play relax. later if it is level 80 and above, there is also a lot of vitality that we are confused about using it because running the quest we are stuck or must strengthen the char before we can pass it. . Happy sailing
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