Part 2: Tips and Tricks For Playing Pirate King Online

Today i will share the article some as the previous topic, that is Part 2: Tips and Tricks for Playing Pirate King Online. You can do this tips to make your gameplay better.


1. Tips for Treasure Hunt

For a Treasure Hunt and looking for Headgear and Cloak please click the Finder menu in the Treasure Hunt. There will be two choices, namely headgear or cloak, if headgear, then click and hold headgear until the refresh is complete (8x).
It’s okay if you get a headgear at a level that is too high because the berries and the program are higher. if the headgear cannot be used now, it can be collected first for us at that level later. or can be exchanged directly with a gift.

2. Robbery Tips at the Treasure Hunt

For Robbery, as much as possible the Robb ship is purple because the fame that is obtained is bigger with more berries. Purple ships usually fight for robbery, so who can he get fast. this is the order:
  1. Purple: 25 fame
  2. Red: 20 fame
  3. Yellow: 15 fame
  4. Blue: 10 fame
  5. Green: 5 fame

3. Location of level 50 pets down

The real pet is not just a pet on the Pirate King, but it also adds to our Stats. Pet can be obtained with Task/quest, battlefield, Dungeon, Daily Activity (Event) or from a gift pack. Here are the locations of the pet on the Pirate King that can be found before Reaching Level 50:
  • Shu Shu: Shu Shu is obtained after you complete the task against Richie when you get Shu Shu, you will be guided briefly about how to use it.
  • Moo: Moo is obtained by defeating Moo himself in Kokoyashi, there is a Hidden Arlong Swimming Pool
  • Laboon: To get Laboon you have to defeat the laboon as a Reverse Mountain boss
  • Alpaca: To get Alpaca you must defeat Alpaca Pirate in a dungeon,
  • Robson: To get Robson, we must defeat it first on the Hidden Drum island 

4. Strengthening the crew’s stats with Reborn

Reborn basically functions to increase our Stat Crew. So, one of our Stat stats is 80, it can be 85. Reborn can also change the appearance of some players.
After Reborn, the crew that we reborn will return to Level 1, if he has XP remaining, it will usually be calculated and not returned to level 1, it can be level 10 or whatever. 
When reborn, do not release the equipment from the crew, because it is difficult because it is not yet the level (he is again torn down, the level drops automatically).
Part 2: Tips and Tricks For Playing Pirate King Online 1
For Reborn Crew, it’s better to go straight from the Training menu so we don’t bother going back and forth from the Crew menu. Click the Training menu, Select the Crew you want to reborn then click Reborn.
In the exit dialog window select Yes / OK. After being reborn, the crew was immediately trained and accelerate, so that their level quickly matched us as the protagonist.

5. Relieve CPU performance

Yup, many browser games with animations, more or less are draining CPU power, especially companies with mediocre specs. Each animation (moving image) on the screen consumes more CPU than the image that is just silent.
  1. We can reduce the number of movements by clicking on the eye icon on the right top of the screen, then select Hide All
  2. When fighting can also click Effects Off

6. Pay attention to the Rage Crew so as not to waste berries to Enhance Items

Many mistakes from beginners, one of which is to remove all equipment without paying attention to it first. Even though enhance clearly eats berry and cooldown time. Actually, it’s simple:

Open the Crew menu, mouse over the crew Skill that we open. If there is the word “Strengthen the Weapon may improve physical damage“, then it is okay to enhance the weapon.  If it says “Strengthen the equipment can not improve skill effect” then the weapon does not need to be enhanced
Also, direct the mouse to the Rage crew. If it says “Strengthen The Ring …” then what you need to enhance / gem is a ring, magic is not necessary. If it says “Strengthen the magic …” then strengthen the magic. If it says “Strengthen the weapon …” then the weapon is strengthened. If it says “Strengthen the equipment can not improve skill effect” then weapons or rings or magic do not need to enhance.

7. What is Enhance or Gem?

The answer is a gem. For Enhance, almost all equipment needs to be enhanced, while the equipment itself is always new. we can bother to take care of the time. if it’s a gem, just uninstall it for a while then move to the new equipment.

8. Guide using Gem Exp Silmarillion Crystal Exp

Exp Silmarillion turns out that there are also many who don’t know how to use it. This can be seen from Chat World which often has [World] writing: User: Very Proudly Show Exp Silmarillion.
The author knows, actually the player no longer shows off about the gem, but again click here and there to find out what the gem really is. Gem EXP Silmarillion actually has the simplest function of other gems, that is to add Exp to another Gem (Gem Anything, any level, any color, all of this can be added by this gem). 
To use it, click Gem Menu, then click Pull Gem Exp to another gem you want. and the Gem will increase by XP.

9. Rules for Main Slavery

  1. To do Slavery we have to defeat other players (Conquer) in the same camp as us. Unless we are on the neutral port, we can conquer players from other camps.
  2. In Slavery, there is a Slave and there is a Master
  3. The slave is a subordinate and the master is the employer.
  4. When we fight a player in the harbor and he has a master, then we must defeat the master, not that person. so don’t be surprised if you conquer the level 40 player, the one that came out is level 49 instead.
  5. Therefore, pay attention to the window that comes out when we are going to do the Conquer.

10. Use zodiac constellations to add Stat

Zodiac is a feature of the Pirate king that helps us to increase our power.
Part 2: Tips and Tricks For Playing Pirate King Online 2
Inside the Zodiac, there is a Level and an Order. Every time we click the Upgrade button in the middle of the constellation, the order will increase (marked with the star icon). there are 9 stars in the constellation when everything is shining and then we upgrade again, then it will all be dimmed again,.
Don’t worry because it actually signifies our constellation leveling up. To upgrade, we really have to buy a Star Spirit. It’s okay to spend 100k per day because when we play our Zodiac level 11, our stats will be upgraded rapidly.
there are 2 Zodiacs that will be active when our zodiac is at level 11, namely:
1. Spell Breaker (SB), Mag Def changes to S-
2. Knight Crit Def. become S-
When the zodiac is at level 12, there are two more skills that will open
1. Magic: the second mag becomes S-
2. Mad: Crit. Atk becomes S-