Tips and Trick Dream Leauge Soccer to Win in All Match

Tips and Trick Dream Leauge Soccer to Win in All Match – If you want to quickly win play this game, first you have to upgrade your player. What’s being upgraded? it depends, you want to be an attacking or defensive type player, but if I’m 22, aka moderate.
You can find this moderate in the Team Management section, here you can choose between attacking or defending.
And I personally prefer upgrading in important parts when attacking, especially players who are in charge of attacking. like Ronaldo, Bale or Messi.
Tips and Trick Dream Leauge Soccer to Win in All Match 1
Please upgrade to the Attacking section because I am always upgrading in this section, you already understand what that means? For those who haven’t, I explain.

Technique: This includes Passing, Control and Crossing

  1. Passing: This is the player’s ability to give ball feedback to friends.
  2. Control: This is the ability to control the ball so the ball doesn’t run itself.
  3. Crossing: If this is the player’s ability to cross (upwards), if the passing is the bait ability below, the enemy is more prone to take the bait.
I myself prefer to do across because it is rather difficult for the ball to be taken when making bait.
  1. Defending: The ability to head the ball, tackle the enemy, and power when dribbling the ball so that the enemy can’t easily take it.
  2. Attacking: This is what I upgrade most often because here it has an important role in my opinion
In this Attacking section, it includes kicking the ball, heading, and strength. so, if you are weak on the attacking part, then when you are in front of the goal, the position is a little less good then you will be difficult to score. why because your Shooting value is not high enough.
So level it up so you can quickly make goals. I assume you already know about this.
Goal Keeping: For this one, specifically for upgrading your goalkeeper’s abilities.
Tips and Trick Dream Leauge Soccer to Win in All Match 2
Please upgrade to the Attacking section for the front player yourself and need to remember, every week you can only upgrade a maximum of 3x.
So please choose carefully and the count of weeks here is when you have finished playing matches whether you lose or win, that has been calculated to be a week.
So you can only upgrade every time you have finished competing and even then you are only given the opportunity to upgrade.