Tips and Tricks Clash Royale (Auto Win)

Tips and Tricks Clash Royale (Auto Win) – Clash Royale is easy to say. Easy because basically you just put the troops in, it’s hard because you need the right strategy and very patience to dominate the game.
Not only that this game is also easy for you to mump, especially if you lose in a row and are stuck in one arena. Want to get on the arena faster? You can pay attention to these 10 Clash Royale tips, a powerful strategy to be able to ride the arena!
Tips and Tricks Clash Royale (Auto Win) 1

1. Forgetting to Calculate Elixir

Having enough elixirs is the most important thing when playing Clash Royale. However, this is often forgotten by novice players.
To win the war in Clash Royale, you don’t need a card with a high consumption of elixir. Simply with a card with a low elixir consumption, you can defeat your opponent.
When you are going to issue a card, you have to think whether the card you will issue will give you an advantage in the number of elixirs.
For example, your opponent throws a Goblin Barrel card into your defensive tower. The card he plays requires four elixirs, but if you use the Arrows card at the right time with only three elixirs, you can kill the goblins that appear with the advantage of one elixir.

2. Be aggressive

Balance in attack and defense is the most important key in your victory. However, sometimes the situation that occurs is inversely proportional.
Too focused to complete the battle, you use all the cards in hand while your opponents survive with cards that need a little elixir.
He is also able to play Rider Hog or Prince cards that are placed in other lanes, while you have to wait for the elixir to rise again. What happened? It’s not the opponent’s tower defense that collapsed, it’s your defense tower that collapsed.

3. Never Underestimate Opponents

Paired with opponents who have the same tropies as you, that doesn’t mean your opponent can’t play. Some players are indeed ‘intentionally’ staying in the beginner player category just because they want to enjoy Clash Royale more casually and in a hurry.

4. Prohibited Emotion!

Only because of failing or losing in a row does not mean you can throw the mobile device that you have. If you don’t calm emotions, the battle results will remain the same, losing again.
The player’s emotional connection with defeat does not only occur in the Clash Royale game anyway. Something similar is also common in professional eSports events.
A little suggestion for you who is easily provoked by his emotions breaks after three consecutive defeats in battle.

5. Try changing the combination of cards in the hand

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the cards you have, especially if you get a new card. However, try not to change the entire card set in hand just because you lost one or two battles.
The defeat is not because your deck is ugly, but you still have not mastered the new deck. Get to know the new cards that you add to the deck by doing friendly battles with your clan members.

6. Hesitate to Put Troops

What would you do if there was one barbarian attacking your defense tower? Do you need to take out the Archers to kill him? No need, you don’t need to do anything because your tower will kill him easily.
If you pull out Archers, you will throw away three elixirs. Another mistake often made by novice players is to be confused when they want to play the card they have.
For example, when your opponent throws Goblin Barrel, but because of hesitation you are late using Arrows cards, even goblins have attacked your tower.

7. Use a Card that has two types of attacks

The point is to use a card where your opponents find it difficult to get the benefits of elixir easily. The best example is the Baby Dragon.
Having the ability to attack opponents on land and in the air, the Baby Dragon can also give considerable damage to the opponent’s tower.
Another example is the Arrows and Frozen cards. Widely used to attack, these two cards are more appropriate for counter-attacking opponents. Other cards that have the same functions as Arrows and Frozen are Minion Horde and Skeleton Army cards

8. Elixir runs out

Quite annoying indeed when your elixir has run out and can only see your opponent attacking the tower defense.
Don’t release your view of the number of elixirs you have, make sure to leave one or two elixirs to be able to use to block your opponent’s attack.

9. See Right and Left

Just like going across the road, make sure you see the two paths. Many novice players are too focused with one lane by playing cards that are in hand to defend themselves from the opponent’s attack or even want to knock down the opponent’s tower defense.
Even if you are concerned with a cold head, one lane is empty and most likely not guarded because the opponent is too busy.

10. Don’t Know Then It’s Not Dear

The basic thing is indeed. To win the battle in Clash Royale, you must know all the cards that you have complete with the advantages and disadvantages they have.
Be sure to check all cards before playing and learn some card combinations for each card.