Sweet Escape Tips and Tricks

Sweet Escape Tips and Tricks – Sweet Escape is a game that combines puzzles game with simulations of building a cake shop. In this game you have to collect stars by playing puzzles and the stars will later be used to build and decorate a cake shop.
Usually, you will find difficulty in puzzle games or confused about how to get coins or boost for free, well below are tips and tricks to play Sweet Escapes that might answer all your questions.

Match as much as you can

This game includes a game to match 3 objects, but in this game, you only need to match 2 blocks of the same color.
It is recommended to tap the blocks that have the most colors around because that can give you lots of boosts and more points. You have to look for 7+ block clutters, because that will give you the best boost.
Try to match as many blocks as possible, but stay focused not to exceed the number of moves. You will successfully complete the stage when you successfully reach the goal on that stage.

Do special moves before completing the mission

You should try tapping all special blocks before you complete the mission or the requirements to complete a level because if you don’t do it it won’t open and there will be no bonus for you.
Interestingly, in this game after you complete the mission, you will not proceed any further, it doesn’t matter if you have 10 special blocks ready to roll.
That’s why you should try to make lots of special blocks in the first place, and use them. This is the best way to complete levels as easily and as much as possible to make as many special blocks as possible.
Sweet Escape Tips and Tricks 1

Complete in-game days

In-game days are tasks or missions that you can complete to get free gifts and free unlimited lives for some time.
This mission will mostly tell you to collect stars and decorations, open a shop, and so on. Stars will be received from completing levels in the game, so make sure you complete as much as you can, so you can collect a lot of free boosters. Sweet escape tips

Connect the game to Facebook to get a prize

You can connect this game to Facebook, not only to save game progress but also you will get a prize.
Both gifts are certainly very useful, especially coins that you can use to buy items or decorate your store.
Sweet Escape Tips and Tricks 2

Watch advertisements to get free boosters

Before you start the next stage, sometimes you will find an option that allows you to watch an ad briefly to claim a free booster. Make sure you watch the ad every time you find an available option.
If you are willing to do it, you will be given a free booster after you finish watching the ad (it only takes 30 seconds at most). Sweet escape tips

Don’t hesitate to use a booster

Booster is very useful when you are dealing with difficult levels. It is recommended to use a booster if you have difficulty passing certain stages.
Better to use a booster than having to lose and repeat the mission and the result is not necessarily you win. So, try as much as possible to use a booster.
That’s the tips and tricks to play Sweet Escapes. If you know of other tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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