Supermarket City Tips and Tricks

Supermarket City Tips and Tricks – This Farming game is arguably a merging game between Supermarket Mania and Hay Day. In this game, you will farm, and also sell goods in the supermarket.
This game requires you to manage a supermarket while managing agriculture. For those of you who play this game, you might want to get rich soon or want to quickly level up, I have tips and tricks to share so you can get rich quickly in this game. The following tips and tricks for playing Supermarket City: Farming game.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

Every two hours or every time you level up, you can spin the wheel of fortune for free that can give you prizes, usually, the prize that you will get is milk, bread, and more. This is quite profitable, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Use Powerups To Ease The Challenge

Use powerups to facilitate you in serving customers who arrive at your supermarket. You can choose powerups that are on the left side of the screen, such as roller skates to speed up your movements and happy hour that can keep customers in your supermarket surviving despite long waits.
Supermarket City Tips and Tricks 1

Take a Gift Box

Every time you start a new day or challenge, you will find a gift box that usually contains products such as biscuits, milk, and more. Tap the gift box and you will get a random gift and also a booster.

Buy Products at Low Prices

In this game, you can buy products sold by other players, tap the icon under the settings in the top left corner and look for products at a cheaper price. You can resell it at a price above it or you can save it, but I suggest to resell it at a high price if you need coins.
Supermarket City Tips and Tricks 2

Meet Customer Requests

If there are customers who come to your farm and they want to buy products there such as milk, bread, eggs, etc., immediately serve them and if you run out of stock, immediately re-produce to get additional coins even though only a few coins are obtained, but it was quite helpful.
You will also find customers on the map of Gana, located next to Uncle Sam. There you will get some money if you can fulfill their requests. Supermarket City Tips Trick

Always Making Products

Even though this may be tiring, you have to continue to make products such as milk, bread, etc. to later be sold to customers. You can build more than one of the same factory or increase the space to make products.
Supermarket City Tips and Tricks 3

Give Milk To Dogs

If your dog (opens at level 4) wants milk, give him milk to get XP to level up.

Watch Videos To Get Coins and Gems

To get free coins or gems, you can watch advertisements. Go to the person holding the gems picture right next to the wheel of fortune, tap on him and choose a gem or a coin.
That’s the tips and tricks to play Supermarket City: Farming game. If you have other tips and tricks to share, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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