Superman Best Build, Combo, Tips and Trick (Guide)

Superman Best Build, Combo, Tips and Trick (Guide) 1
Superman Best Build, Combo, Tips and Trick (Guide) – Superman is the best hero in the Arena of Valor game which is definitely very influential in a match and always be a hero who is banned in every match whether in a tournament or rank match.
For those of you who are already seniors in this game, you know for sure the reason, right? yes, Superman can easily kill opponents and their mobility is very high. even if you use it in the right way. 
Below, I will share tips on how to use Superman in detail so that you can better use the best hero in the Arena of Valor game, look carefully!

Superman Skill

Walking Mode

  • Skill 1 (Kryptonian Strength), which is superman exhale the ice to physically damage the enemy and reduce their movement speed for 1 second.
  • Skill 2 (Man of Steel), namely Superman frees itself from effect control and increases its movement speed significantly.
  • Skill 3 (Speeding Bullet), namely Superman exerts its full potential which increases its energy charging speed by 100% for 10 seconds.

Flight Mode:

  • Skill 1 (Kryptonian Strenght), Superman hits an enemy and fires a laser from its eye adding to the physical damage.
  • Skill 2 (Man of Steel), namely Superman hits the ground, repelling the enemy, freeing himself from the effects of control and increasing his movement speed.
  • Skill 3 (Speeding Bullet), namely Superman hits back on the enemy physical damage and receives an acceleration of charging the maximum energy of 100% for 10 seconds.


Combo Skill

1. Attack

In-flight mode uses the ultimate skill to push the enemy in the right direction, use skill 1 to end and use skill 2 to escape.

2. Attack Without Ultimate

In flight mode use skill 1 in the right direction, skill 2 to escape. because damage skill 1 is the biggest compared to the others.

3. Survive

Use skill 2 in flight mode to disperse, break enemy groups, skill 1 and escape using purify talent.

Superman Best Talent 

The first recommendation for talent is Purify, so that superman can escape the control of enemy effects and be able to walk to flight mode to attack the enemy or run away.
The second talent recommendation is Execute, this talent is suitable for use for friends who are thirsty to kill, hehe. This talent can be used if the opposing team has no mage hero or hero who can control the effect.

Superman Best Build

Below are Superman items that I recommend, because they have passive skills that are suitable for superman, which increases movement speed so that the superman easily enters flight mode which is the best combat mode.
Superman Best Build, Combo, Tips and Trick (Guide) 2
In my opinion, items 1 to 5 are items that must be used by Superman, and for the last item number 6, you can adjust it to the opponent’s hero you are facing. Below is a replacement item number 6 that admin recommends to you.
Superman Best Build, Combo, Tips and Trick (Guide) 3
Superman Best Build, Combo, Tips and Trick (Guide) 4
After I tried several times trying to replace item 6, it looks like the item above is more suitable. I have used Fernir’s Tooth, but in my opinion it is not useful because the effect is if the enemy cellphone is 50%, and it cannot be used for open war if the enemy cellphone is still full. 
Ancestral Glory is also not suitable for superman because the effect is useless, after superman dies and then lives again with 30% HP, it will be easily killed by opponents waiting for it.
So for the two expensive items, it’s better not to be used and don’t ever sell your shoes and replace them with other items, because the movement is the key to playing Superman.