Sun Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Sun Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – In this hero tutorial, we will learn how to use one of the heroes that are less popular and tends to be forgotten,
Sun is indeed one of the weakest heroes that is often underestimated because his clone skills do not contribute much to the game, the AI ​​system on the clone is not as clever as we want, especially the enemy can get gold when killing his clone. 
Sun Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1
I don’t recommend using this hero on solo rank, I think this hero should get a buffer from the developer, according to me some buffs are needed so that this hero becomes a bit more balanced, namely:
  • Eliminate the use of which system, so he doesn’t need to use mana like Alucard and Balmond.
  • The enemies will get gold and exp when killing the clone.
  • Create a clone control system like Vexana where we can immediately move zombies to the desired place.
What often makes the Sun clone useless is that this shadow likes to be silent for a moment and a waste of time, not to mention the movement of the road is so slow. Sun Best Build
If the ultimate skill is normal, the duration often used up just to be used to walk/chase the opponent, because that would be better if we can just summon the clone to the desired area like Vexana. Sun Best Build
Now we will immediately learn how to learn to play Sun and item build tips that are suitable for maximizing the potential of this hero, first we start from the advantages and disadvantages first. Sun Best Build

Sun’s Advantages

  • Strong early in the game, Sun’s main advantage is can be superior in the early game because his attacks and defenses are stronger than the enemy, so try to push the turret as fast as possible at the start of the game so you can quickly dominate the game.
  • A good pusher hero, this hero is one of the best pusher heroes like Bane and Zhask, Sun clone skill can destroy towers quickly and the clone can be a temporary brace while we are pushing towers with or without a minion.
  • Fast farming, this hero is also the best jungler hero who is very fast, especially in the early game, take advantage of the power of farming to steal the opponent’s jungle when the opportunity arises, our main focus is push towers and steal farms on enemy lanes.
  • Easy to use, how to play this hero is very simple and easy to master, but still needs the right timing when attacking so it doesn’t become a blunder.


Sun Disadvantages

  • Does not have burst damage, the ultimate skill can provide high burst damage as long as the enemy continues to clash fistfights with these clones, but what often happens is that the opponent will retreat for a moment and his clone cannot catch up because the clone will only attack targets that are nearby only (still very stupid), unfortunately we can not prioritize attacks or lock to control the movement of this clone.
  • Tend to be weak at the end of the game, in the mid-late phase the clone is very easy to kill with only a few attacks, especially by carry heroes, so it’s best to finish the game as fast as possible when using this hero.
  • Clones tend to blunder, many negative effects are actually carried by this clone, for example, we will be difficult to hide or scoop an opponent because our clone is already seen first by the enemy, then this clone generates gold for the enemy when killed so as to accelerate farming the opposing team.
  • Easy to overcome, as has been said before, the Sun clone is not so clever, how to counter its ultimate skill is enough to stay away (just like facing Argus ulti), the clone will not be able to chase us as long as the Sun is not near us, other than that with Our hero lock mode can still attack the original without having to ignore the existence of existing clones, especially if Sun uses items that have appearance effects such as potions and immortality, it will be very easy to distinguish between the original and the shadow.


Sun Best Build Item Tips


Sun Best Spell

The most suitable spells for Sun are Retribution, Inspire, and Petrify.

  • Use Petrify for extra crowd control, considering that Sun does not have good CC skills and the enemy will often run away when he uses skill 3, this spell will be very useful to stop the enemy for a moment and finish him quickly.
  • Use Inspire to make his attack speed faster, this spell can be combined with the ultimate skill so that the clone will have a fast attack speed, but we must use Inspire first and then activate skill 3 (because the clone’s status is taken from the status when Sun uses the ultimate skill), so don’t release new ultimate skills using Inspire, but use Inspire first before releasing the ultimate skill.
  • Use Retribution to quickly farm and level up, this spell is suitable for accelerating our ability to farm early in the game and is also useful for stealing jungles/buffs in the opponent’s forest area.

For emblems, we can use Physical or Fighter emblems.

Sun is great for fighting the following heroes:

  • Karina
  • Hayabusa
  • Lancelot
  • Franco
  • Cyclops
  • Harley


Sun is very weak against the following heroes:

  • Fanny (another blunder from her clone which actually helps regenerate Fanny’s energy)
  • Saber
  • Ruby
  • Miya
  • Bruno
  • Moskov

Sun Tips, Tricks, and Guide

  • Remember our main focus in the game is to push lane as early as possible in the early game and steal the opponent’s jungle, use the power of the Sun clone at the beginning of the game to dominate the game, don’t hesitate to play a little aggressive.
  • Save skill 2 to chase and catch who is trying to escape. Fortunately, skill 2 has a range that is far enough so that it is very useful to overcome his slow clone movements and slow response.
  • We recommend using skill 1, when there is a clone the damage given is multiplied, do not use skill 1 when you are alone (depending on the situation).
  • If you want to scoop an opponent it should be done when the clone has disappeared, hide in the grass and use skill 3 when the enemy is approaching to give a surprise attack.
  • The right time to use ultimate is when the war and push tower, because at this moment inevitably there will be a clash so that the clone can be utilized to the fullest.
  • Keep playing safely as a fighter in general, also note that the enemy will benefit when killing the Sun clone, so try to withdraw when the clone is about to die or let the clone die in a turret attack rather than being killed by an enemy hero.