Silvanna Best Build, Tips, Trick, Emblem and Spell (Guide)

Silvanna Best Build, Tips, Trick, Emblem and Spell Mobile Legends – Silvanna: Imperial Knightess is a female fighter who will be coming to the original server later on December.
The main characteristic of this hero is a very OP in 1 vs 1 and has a special ability to confine enemies for a moment in one area (trapped).
This hero gameplay is quite simple and exciting because she has the ultimate skill that can imprison enemy heroes for a few seconds and assist him in close combat with a combination of skills and basic attacks.
Without much ado following Silvanna’s complete guide ( Silvanna Best Build) starting from the advantages and disadvantages.



Silvanna Advantages

  • Very strong in early games, Silvanna’s skill 2 is AOE magic damage which is quite painful even though in the first game, so we have to take advantage of this “early advantage” to play a little more aggressively to dominate the game as early as possible.
  • Has perfect scoop skill, with ultimate skill, we can immediately jump attack while scooping the opponent’s hero off guard, we hide in the grass first and launch a surprise attack (ultimate surprise attack) and inflate the opponent’s movements instantly. This skill 3 will imprison 1 enemy hero and make him unable to escape at all while her ultimate skill is still active, so it is perfect for ganking, especially on agile heroes such as Fanny, Gusion, and Ling.
  • Movement Skill is quite good, hero fighter usually rarely has sufficient mobility skills. Silvanna has skill 1 which can provide extra movement speed and dash in its second phase, plus this skill 1 gives a stunning effect, so it’s OK to catch up an opponent or escape from the enemy gang.

Silvanna Disadvantages

  • Tend to be vulnerable in late games, because Silvanna is a hero who relies more on skills than basic attacks, so the consequences are usually she can be very OP at the beginning but tend to be weak at the end of the game. Especially when launching skill 2 in the late game, the damage is not as painful as an early-mid game. If fighting with pure brawler heroes like Zilong & Alucard, we will most likely lose (depending on build and level too). Moreover, this hero attribute is magic, so it will it is harder to win lifesteal when fighting with the fighter.
  • Less effective against many heroes at once, as previously said, this hero is more specialized in 1 vs 1, Silvanna skills are aimed more at one direction, especially skills 1 & 2 do not have a wide range so we must be aimed at 1 hero that we want to kill first.
  • Quite soft and easy to die, the most dangerous when playing this hero is we can only attack at close range, but she does not have an adequate defense to survive, especially if the enemy arrives for help. We have to run away or ask for help from friends to help backup or options other more extreme we can use the lifesteal of the ultimate effect (100%) to survive and fight back.

Silvanna Best Build tips.

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  • Silvanna best build was more or less the same as Guinevere because they were both hero fighter with magic attributes.
  • The first line build is suitable for all situations (default build),
  • Use the second line build if we want to quickly farm and play aggressively
For the battle spell, we can use Retribution if we want to quickly level up and gold and alternatively we can use Flicker to play safer.
For emblem, we use Mage emblem.

Silvanna is very good to fight the following heroes.

  • All mage & marksman heroes (early game)
  • Natalia (early game)
  • Fanny
  • Helcurt
  • Gusion
  • Ling
  • Karina
  • Guinevere

Silvanna is quite weak against the following heroes.

  • All hero fighter & marksman (late game)
  • Franco
  • Chou
  • Ruby
  • Kaja
  • Zhask
  • Hayabusa

Silvanna guide, tips & tricks

  • The main key to playing Silvanna is to take advantage of early game because at the beginning of the combo game skill 3 and skill 2 can silence the enemy very quickly, so we must maximize this advantage as often as possible at the beginning to make it easier to win the game. Be diligent roaming to scoop or push more aggressively so that it can make opponents trigger war.
  • Skill 1 has 2 phases, the first is damage + stun (and bonus movement speed). If the first attack is hit the opponents, we can launch a second follow-up attack in the form of the dash that we can direct, so skill 1 can be used as a tool to chase (chase) enemies who run away and also run (escape) from the pursuit of the opposing team. If you are not sure about the situation, then you should save skill 1 just in case, but if the situation is safe, then we use it to ambush the enemy. Remember, skill 3 can also be used to run if the code is indeed critical, so the ultimate skill does not always have to be used to attack. If it can’t win and squeeze, then just use the ultimate skill to escape.
  • Be careful with burst damage heroes and crowd control in late games because Silvanna is soft and easily hit by one shot damage from hero burst + CC like Eudora & Aurora. Another alternative is we can build a semi tank, but as a result, the DPS is getting smaller. We recommend that you do not engage when ultimate skill is cooldown, the most effective tactic of using this hero is to scoop one opponent’s, So be patient waiting for the right moment, diligently hiding in the grass to attack silently with skill 3.
  • Play as aggressively as possible at the beginning because that is the days of OP Silvanna, try to win the game as fast as possible by inviting the team to continue to push lane and roaming, if it cannot dominate the beginning then play more vigilantly, especially entering the late game phase, still relying on tank and work assistance with team.

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