Sephera Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor

Sephera Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor – This Hero with Mage class can be positioned in the midlane or observer. Having skill sets with CC abilities, damage magic and heal makes Sephera highly respected in this game. But this hero can only be obtained through Codex Season 4 like his student Annette in Season 3.
Sephera Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor 1
This article will discuss all the capabilities that Sephera has and also recommendations for the appropriate items. That way, you can become a terrible Mage and be feared by your enemies when using Sephera.

Tips and Tricks in Using Skills

Prioritize increasing Water Spirits first so you can harrassing and covering quickly if you play as an Observer. You take the Wall of Water just to chase the enemy who will run away. The bonus movement speed and stun effect given by the Wall of Water are very useful in many situations.
You can use Tide of Life to initiate or backup your friends who are pressed. The Skillset you take will be the same whether you play as a midlaner or observer because the damage and damage effects that are given are the same. To make you different, it depends on the item and the gameplay you are playing.

Item Guide

A. Early Game

1. Orb of The Magi
Items commonly used by Mages in the midlaner in general. Provides HP regeneration and where each of your levels increases. A very suitable item if you want to stay in the lane for longer and make your enemies have trouble.
2. Flashy Boots
These shoes are the most appropriate for Sephera because of the cooldown reduction effect. With these shoes, you can spam skills more easily and make your enemies back up to the back of the tower to avoid all the skills you have given.

Core Item

1. Apocalypse
Do you remember the second effect of Water Spirits? The effect is to provide additional damage for the next Sephera attack. These effects are similar to the passive unique of the Apocalypse and can be stacked. This means that the two effects will appear and make the Sephera attack after using the Water Spirit more deadly.
2. Hecate Diadem
The damage magic of all Sephera skills is very large. This item will make the skill more deadly because the additional abbility power given is very large.

Optional Item

1. Rhea Blessing
This item gives lifesteal magic that is very useful for Sephera. The more skills you spam, the more cellphone you receive. In addition, the cooldown reduction given is also very high and makes it easier for you to do spam skills.
2. Staff of Nuul
This item will give the enemy nightmares because the magic pierce given will make your enemy helpless. Besides that the additional cooldown reduction provided also makes it easier for you to do spam skills.
3. Holy of Holies
This item is a favorite item of every Mage in the late game. Additional magic attacks and also his cellphone really help you in battle. Only buy this item if you have a lot of gold at the end of the game.
4. Virtue’s Necklace
If you always run out when you do spam skills, try learning to manage using your items. Besides that, this item also provides magic pierce which makes each of your skills even more painful.
5. Tome of The Reaper
The right item if you face an enemy with a lot of HP and regenerate a very high HP. But this item is not an obligation for a Sephera. If your team’s Archer or Assassin has purchased the Curse of Death, focus your item on the others.
6. Frost Cape
If you die too often in battles, try learning to use this item rather than Apocalypse. Frost Cape provides additional HP and defense for Sephera and the unique passive given continues to increase its attacks. This item can also make your enemy slow down and make it easier for you to chase it if you want to run away.

Talent Guide

1. Flicker
That Talent is suitable for all heroes, especially the Mage class. You can use this talent in many situations such as running away from bad situations or initiating Tide of Life.
2. Heal
If you play as an observer, there is nothing wrong with using this talent. Support with many heal abilities is sometimes the key to victory for a team.