Selena Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Selena Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Selena is a mage who can change form and role to become an assassin, just like Roger who can change form and has a dual role.
In the normal form (Elven form) the roller is a mage, while in the other mode (Abyssal form) role is an assassin. In the mage mode, the skill is more crowd control, while the assassin skill is more dominant in dealing with damage so it is an independent mage (not too dependent on the team) because it can take care of itself and is strong enough. Selena Best Build

According to me, there are only 2 heroes that are really difficult to master in Mobile Legends, these heroes are Fanny and Chou (before the immune skill 2 is in nerf), now with the presence of Selena. Selena Best Build
It might add exciting levels of difficulty play, which making this hero difficult to play is depends on the combination of skills from both modes to provide significant damage (passive skill effects). Unlike Roger who does not need to change modes to attack, selena able to quickly use the skills of both modes (Elven & Abyssal) for maximum combat. So we need to be nimble and deft in attacking, we must mastered the combination of skills that exist so that it can make it a respected opponent’. Selena Best BuildSelena Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Selena advantages:

  • A good MPS and DPS. Cause the role is semi-assassin, it can be like a burst damage that can kill an opponent quickly, besides that he is also very strong at the beginning of the game (early game) with her combination skills. So this hero is really like an assassin who can dominate the game in the early-mid game
  • The mobility is quite high. Skill 3 will gives bonus effect of movement speed and the cooldown is very short. So we can spam this skill (mutually mode) to trace lane/landing and also escape when critical.
  • Versatile crowd control. In mage mode (Elven form) she can install traps as 3 pieces with his skill (this skill besides giving damage also reduces the enemy’s speed of movement). Then with 2 skills, she can fire attacks that make opponents stunned (the farther the shot distance the longer the stun duration), with skills 2 she can give the CC effect which is quite disturbing to the opposing team throughout the game.
  • A deadly skill combination. Selena’s main strength is in the combination of skills of both modes, with the skill from the Elven form it gives the “Abyssal mark” to the enemy (maximum 2 stacks), when we attack using the Abyssal form, the “Abyssal mark” will produce Additional damage is quite high, if we master the use of this skill properly then he can become a mage hero burst damage that is very terrible.

Selena deficiency:

  • Quite difficult to mastered. launching a combination of attacks is certainly not as easy as the existing theory, besides that both mage or assassin modes are both soft, so if our attack was wrong, it will definitely get caught and die instantly.
  • Easy to anticipated. Selena combination is very easy to anticipate because this type of attack must be successive (combo) so the enemy can easily break this combination if they are alert, therefore we must also quickly launch a combination of skills so that the enemy does not have the opportunity to escape.
  • Very susceptible to CC. Selena’s main weakness is crowd control because CC skills will easily thwart existing combos (just like the Chou skill combination case), besides that when attacking with assassin or Abyssal mode we must be close to the opponent , so the risk of being the target of CC hero will be higher, the point is we have to be extra careful when attacking in crowded conditions such as teamfight especially if there locker heroes like Saber and Aurora.
  • Less effective against many enemies at once. Cause the type is mage assassin (assassin is a specialist role to kill 1 hero) so Selena is less good when gank because the CC skill can’t hit many opponent heroes as well as the damage burst.

Selena builds item tips:

Selena Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • You should focused to upgrade magical attack, with the magic build items as much as possible we can provide one-shot damage to the enemy with the skill combos.
  • First line build items are used if we can get buffs throughout the game
  • Second-row builds are used if we can’t get buffs because there are other more important heroes to take (there are more priorities to take buff like Fanny).
  • The fourth item (in the first line build) can replace it with Necklace of Durance if there is a hero healer like Rafaela or Estes and high lifesteal heroes like Alucard, Fanny, Zilong, etc.
  • You can try various other build items that you think are better suited to your style of play, but according to me, the most important thing is to focus on magic damage as high as possible.
Battle spells that are most suitable for Selena are Flicker and Retribution. Selena Best Build
  • Use Flicker to play safely, this spell is very useful for extra mobility both to run away from enemy attacks when critical or also chasing opponents trying to escape.
  • Use Retribution farm, with this spell we can collect exp and gold faster than monster jungle, remember Selena is strong in early-mid games, so we can easily dominate the game if 1-2 levels & superior items from existing opponents.
For emblems, we can use Common Magic or Custom Mage emblems.

Selena is great for fighting the following heroes:

  • All marksman heroes (early-mid game).
  • Eudora
  • Gord
  • Vexana
  • Valir
  • Rafaela
  • Estes
  • Diggie
  • Angela

Selena is quite weak against several of the following heroes:


Combination of Selena (Elven – Abyssal) skills:

When we use the skill in an ordinary form (mage mode), the enemy will get an “Abyssal mark” and can stack up to 2x, this “Abyssal mark” like a bomb that will explode and the trigger is an attack from the Abyssal form (assassin mode) Selena.
To give the maximum damage burst we have to try to hit the enemy with this passive skill mark 2x, then immediately change form to the Abyssal form and attack with skill 2, because this skill 2 will refresh once the enemy is hit.
we can launch the skill 2 (assassin mode) is 2x and we can still attack with skill 1 or skill 2 again (can also return to Elven’s form and launch combo attacks from the start).
(Elven form) Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 3 (Abyssal form) -> Skill 2 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1 / Skill 2

Tips & tricks for hero guide Selena:

  • Try to hit the enemy 2x “Abyssal mark” before we change the mode to the assassin, but depending on the situation too, to hit the enemy with mark we can attack directly using skill 1 and skill 2 or combine skill 1 + skill 2 like the above snippet.
  • For farming, use assassin mode (Abyssal form) because the basic attack on this form is greater than the mode of the game, use this assassin mode to attack the jungle/ turtle/lord monsters and also clean the minion.
  • The cooldown of all Selena skills is short, so we can spam existing skills for farming and poke opponents throughout the game. Try to use skill 1 and 2 often on the Elven form to pay off the enemy’s blood little by little, if there is a gap/opportunity then we can play aggressively (change the assassin mode) and attack quickly.
  • Learn to take the right timing, learn and master the right combination of skills, do not just engage / attack because he is very vulnerable to CC, beware especially of hero-lockers like Saber, Aurora, and Franco, before launching combos make sure that stun of enemy has been issued, or make sure we can save ourselves well after attacking.
  • Keep playing safe and dependent on the team, even if it’s semi-assassin, but it stays soft and vulnerable as a mage in general, so know when to take refuge and when to attack aggressively.
  • We can use ultimate skills to move quickly because the ultimate skill gives instant movement speed bonuses, we can use this skill to escape during critical times.