Saga vs Hunter: Which is Better Cars? Garena Speed Drifters

Saga vs Hunter: Which is Better Cars? Garena Speed Drifters – Class A cars are certainly a dream to have when playing Speed ​​Drifters. But there are two class A cars that are interesting to have and often compared, namely Saga and Hunter.
Between that cars, which is better? Before determining which car is better. Please note that class A cars have attributes slightly better than class B cars and there are also characteristics that make A’s car better in races.
Saga has quite even attributes in terms of drift, collision, acceleration, N-Tank, turn and thruster. While Saga’s characteristics are filling N-tank by 40 percent during the countdown to the end of the match and maintaining 70 percent of the N-tank when it collides with the wall.
Hunter has attributes that excel at drift. As for turning and crashing, Hunter is not superior. The characteristic of Hunter is having a 60 percent chance to get a maximum speed of +8 km / h for 12 seconds.

1. Judging from the attributes

Hunter excels in drifting and is a valuable capital for faster filling of N-tanks. By mastering all drift techniques, Hunter will be superior to Saga. 
But the resilience of Saga is more value than this one car. Compared to Hunter, Saga is more resilient and the ability to turn is more agile. Therefore, as a game that prioritizes drift capability, Hunter is slightly superior to Saga.

2. In terms of characteristics

Hunter is also much better than Saga. The possibility of getting extra maximum speed is clearly better capital for the race, only ‘adds N-tanks.

3. In addition

Saga’s characteristics that are active when the countdown is clear illustrates that this characteristic will be active if there is an enemy entering the finish, so the countdown starts.

4. In terms of MOD

Hunter is also superior because the engine can be upgraded up to 18 times, while Saga is only 12 times. In terms of fuel Hunter is also superior so that the Nitro or boost produced will be longer than Saga.
So if you really prefer speed with rough drifts, Saga is better. But if you want to maximize drift ability, obviously Hunter is better.