Roger Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Roger Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – The fighter heroes began to be forgotten even at the top rank mythical glory there were usually no marksman and fighter roles, so the formation was 2 tanks, 2 assassins, and 1 mage. But don’t be discouraged by fighter users because there are still strong hero heroes to survive in this meta like Zilong and Roger. Roger Best Build
Well, this time we will try to learn how to play one of the strongest fighter heroes in the late game phase, Roger. Honestly, I myself rarely find Roger player in Legend / Mythic ranked mode, maybe because of the many new heroes who continue to emerge. Roger Best Build
Finally a few old heroes, even though the elders are a little neglected, without much ado, just start this Roger tutorial, first we understand Roger’s strengths and weaknesses. Roger Best Build
Roger Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

Roger’s strengths:

  • All-around hero, we know Roger has two forms, human (human form) and wolf form, with human mode he uses a gun to give long-range attacks like role marksman, then with wolf mode he attacks from close range like a fighter on generally, this way it can become semi fighter/semi mm and has many advantages both in terms of poke and burst damage.
  • High mobility, with skill 2 in the human mode it can run quickly so that it can track lane well, then with ultimate skill both in human/wolf mode will give it extra dash/charge so this skill 3 can also be used as an extra movement both to chase and escape from the opponent’s attack.
  • Burst damage is very high, especially in the phase late game he can quickly kill his prey only with basic attack, for close combat fights, Roger is one of the best heroes like Zilong, not to mention that skill 2 of his serpent form gives additional attacks speed so that he really can become a feared late-game hero.
  • Very good immune and charge skills, skill 1 in the Wolf form, can make it jump directly to the specified target and give instant immune effects, Roger’s great user will use this immune at the right timing (such as skill 2 Chou) to avoid skill Opponent’s CC.
  • Hero Chaser is very good, already has high mobility because of the help of skill-skills, he also has a uniqueness when attacking with basic attacks on human mode it will give a slow down effect on the enemy, then when chasing a hero who is dying in wolf mode , with the help of skill 2 he will start walking with 4 legs and get additional movement so that his prey really can’t escape from his death chase.


Roger’s drawback:

  • The attack range is short, the human mode can attack like marksman, but unfortunately the range/radius of the basic attack is still too short so it will be far outweighed by role pure marksman like Bruno / Miya, not to mention that the damage is not as big as the normal attack on wolf mode.
  • Very susceptible to CC, even though the fighter/marksman, we will more often use the fighter mode to maximize its damage potential in team fights/war teams, so that Roger will often be the main target by the crowd control opponents, so we still need help tankers to help hold the body in front when team fight so that we can focus more on aiming for soft heroes to hunt.


Roger tips on build items:

Roger Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Roger’s build item tips are very flexible, you can use them like general marksman builds or normal build fighter, the most important thing is to stay focused on physical damage to the highest level and maybe add extra defense if the team can’t backup us well when the team war.
  • The first line item build is the most ideal for Roger because it will maximize damage and attack speed to slaughter opponents quickly.
  • The second line item build uses a little defense item to play safer and just in case so that if caught or hit by CC we are not too easy to die.
  • Try experimenting with your own build items, there is no harm in trying out various combinations of items because who knows would be better suited to your style.


The most suitable battle spell for Roger is Retribution and Inspire.
  • Use Retribution if you want to fast farming, this spell is very useful for the early games so we can quickly level up and dominate the game as soon as possible.
  • Use Inspire because this spell is very good combined with 2 skills in wolf mode, this battle spell will be more useful throughout the game from early to late game, but we won’t be able to farm as fast as using Retribution at the beginning of the game, overall Inspire spell is much more recommended for Roger because flexible can be used in various situations until the end of the game.
For emblems, we can use Physical or Fighter emblems.

Roger is very good at fighting the following heroes:

  • All hero mage & support (late game)
  • All marksman hero (late game)
  • Lancelot
  • Helcurt


Roger is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

When is the right time to use human form (marksman) and wolf form (fighter?

Use human mode (human form) to:
  • Roaming / laning (tracing the map/lane area quickly).
  • Poke/repay enemy blood slowly from far away.
  • Attack the turret while maintaining a safe distance.
  • Slows enemy movements with basic attacks and skills 1.


Use wolf form to:
  • Give damage bursts quickly like when close combat with a hero or hit tower.
  • When team fights/team war 5 vs 5.
  • While farming (killing jungle monsters/buffs), attacking turtles/lords and cleaning minions quickly.
  • The point is that the human mode is used for safe play and mobility (walking quickly through the lane), while the wolf mode is used for fighting and massive damage to the enemy team.


Tips & tricks for the hero guide Roger:

  • Take advantage of all Roger’s skills to escape/chase because this ultimate skill gives additional movement which is useful when we are escaping or chasing an enemy, then we can add skill 2 (human/wolf) to move faster.
  • Use hero lock mode so that when you attack in the crowd we don’t target the wrong target.
  • Remember skill 1 Roger in the form of a wolf has an immune effect, so try using it at the right moment/timing, such as when the enemy mage and tank issue the stun / CC skill, then use this skill to chase/close the distance with our target hero.
  • Keep playing safely, even though he is strong in the matter of fist fights but still loses if he gets hit/gank especially if he has CC / disabled, so he still works with the team, don’t be alone because basically all hero fighters still rely on hero tanks to protect them from enemy attacks.
  • Always prioritize mushy heroes first when team fights like marksman and mage if the moment is right to dare scoop from behind when the war 5 vs 5 teams (late game), usually the mage / mm will be behind so we can finish immediately and dominate circumstances.