Richter Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor

Richter Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor – Richter is very difficult to control because it needs timings and the right items to maximize Richter’s potential. If you can control the Richter to the maximum, you will be easier to master the early game until mid game. This article will discuss all the characteristics possessed by Richter so you can play it to the fullest.
Richter Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor 1

Tips and Tricks for Using Skill

The key skill of a Richter at the beginning was Jungle Strike. Whether as a jungler or laner, this skill will really help you finish creep jungles or harrass enemies.
Jungle Strike has two damage, dash and slash. Directing slash Jungle Strike is very difficult but you can make it easier if you have bush buff because the knock effect given also provides slash damage
Retaliate only needs one at the beginning to hold back the gank and survive in the game. The immune effect that is given is very useful to block out burst damage from mages or assassins who try ganking.
Mark of the Hunter is a skill that will keep your enemy away. But this skill is difficult to maximize and needs practice. Try to practice more in order to get the right timing, plus combine it with several items that provide slow effects such as Hyoga Edge or Cape Frost.

Item Guide

Early Game

1. Leviathan
If you play as a jungler, this item is very good so Richter has a higher level of surveillance when war. The additional HP provided is very helpful for Richter when it comes to ganking.
2. Gilded Greaves
The resistance provided is very useful so that Richter is more durable when ganking or war. The max status of his cellphone and defense was very much needed by Richter at the beginning both he played as a jungler or laner.
3. Mantle of Ra
If you play as a laner, Mantle of Ra is a mandatory item that you chase first because this item gives a decent defense and attack status. In addition, you will also get an aura of damage that will make your enemy stay away.

Core Item

1. Frost Cape
This item really helps Richter in getting timings from Mark of The Hunter because of the slow effect. In addition, additional HP and cooldown reduction from Frost Cape greatly help you in maximizing Richter potential.
2. Spear of Longinus
The effect of armor pierce, additional HP and cooldown reduction of this item will make Richter increasingly feared by the enemy. Entering the mid game it’s time for you to buy items that can increase the damage from Richter so you can finish off the enemy easily.

Situational Item

1. Soulreaver
Alternative Leviathan if you are an aggressive player and want to make Richter the highest damage dealer in the early game. But this build will make Richter easier to kill because he has no extra cellphone and defense like he bought Leviathan.
2. Sonic Boots
Your enemy has a lot of physical attacks? This shoe is the most appropriate answer so that Richter can be more sustainable at the time of war. Burst Damage from Warriors and Archers will decrease if you use these shoes.
3. Muramasa
Armor pierce in the form of the grudges that Muramasa has is very useful for Richter to kill his enemies quickly. In addition, the cooldown reduction given also makes Richter skills faster to use.
4. Rankbreaker
Armor pierce again for Richter but this item will add movement speed Richter and make the mobility even higher. Unique Passive from Rankbreaker namely Windwalk will make Richter move very fast.
5. Omniarms
This item is one of the favorite items when entering the late game. There are many advantages provided by this item such as cooldown reduction, HP, attack speed, and unique passive which will add to the Richter attack.
6. Fenrir’s Tooth
Fenrir’s Tooth is also one of the favorite items of every damage dealer in the late game. An additional 30 percent of damage when the enemy’s HP is below 50 percent really helps Richter to finish off the enemies.
7. Mail of Pain
Maybe you’re a little confused why there are some people who make Mail of Pain while playing Richter. The reason is because they want to maximize Retaliate. Although Retaliate can prevent incoming damage, but the damage calculation is still counted and still activates the effects of the Mail of Pain.

Talent Guide

1. Execute
All Richter skills are not synergistic, making it very difficult to do combos with their skills. If you are not yet an expert in refining enemies using skills possessed by Richter, Execute is the most appropriate talent for you to be able to kill enemies with only a small amount of blood easily.
2. Flicker
Flicker is also great for use by Richter because it gives him the ability to escape instantly from bad situations. In addition, Flicker can also be used to go directly into the war after activating Mark of the Hunters.