Reasons Why A European Super League Is Bad For Football

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Reasons Why A European Super League Is Bad For Football

The Europan Super League is one of the newest leagues in Europe. But unfortunately, the creation of the new league still cannot be fulfilled properly. At least there was confusion after the announcement of the formation of the Europan Super League. Even from the side of football connoisseurs to football experts, they expressed their anger and disappointment. There is because European  Super League is bad for football.

At least as of this writing, there have been 12 clubs that have agreed to play in the Europan Super League. Most of these clubs are dominated by the Premier League, La Liga, and also Serie A.

Reasons Why A European Super League Is Bad For Football

Some clubs have stated that they want to join the Europan Super League are Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Juventus, and AC Milan.

Meanwhile, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez is the future chairman of the Europan Super League. Of course, it is very strange, where the owner of the club is also the chairman of the running league.

Discard The Beauty Of Football

Football is one of the most popular and in-demand sports in the world. The existence of ESL, certainly, can eliminate the beauty of football. One of the beauties of football is when the underdog team wins the league.

If ESL happened then we would never see a team like Leicester City win the football league. Another threat from ESL is that the 12 clubs that became the founders of ESL will be expelled from their respective leagues.

There Is No Relegation And Promotion Format

In normal football leagues, completely, we know about the concept of relegation and promotion. This is because in the league there are teams that have to go down caste, there are also those who will go up caste. However, for this ESL format, relegation and promotion will be lost. Where 15 contestants from ESL will remain in one league continuously. Certainly, this can also hurt the beauty of football.

Rich Clubs Get Richer, Poor Clubs Get Poorer

We can conclude that money is the main reason for the formation of the European Super League. By joining ESL, completely, the founding club will get a lot more money than the prizes obtained from their previous league. There are even reports that if every club that joins as the founder of this competition will get a commission of up to £290. That way the rich clubs will get richer, and poor clubs from other leagues will remain poor.

Club Fans Feel Neglected

Lastly, the reason why the European Super League is bad is that every club founder will ignore their fans. This is because most of the fans decline the club they love to join and sell themselves to ESL. If indeed the club insists on joining ESL, they will indirectly lose the rabid fans of each of these clubs.

So those are some of the reasons why the European Super League is Bad for Football. Thank you for your attention.

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