Rafaela Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Rafaela Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Rafaela is one of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends according to me, although it is often underestimated when we pick this hero because most players still like to compare healing abilities with Estes.
Rafaela’s use is not only in the power of heal but in crowd control and helps the movement of the team in battle. Rafaela Best Build
Rafaela Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1
According to me Rafaela is a support hero with versatile abilities (besides Angela) because this hero can have a lot of effects on teams and opponents ranging from heal, stun, slow, movement speed, and also damage, so don’t judge Rafaela solely from ability healing / HP recovery only. Rafaela Best Build
She can also provide support in other forms that are far more useful than just heal, especially if we know how to use it well then this hero can become a game maker and dominate the team fight throughout the game. Rafaela Best Build

Rafaela’s Strengths:

  • Versatile Hero, skill 1 Rafaela gives damage to a maximum of 3 enemies and at the same time gives a slow effect, skill 2 provides heal and movement speed to friends/teams around, then skill 3 can provide a large amount of stun and damage to some enemies, if we look at all the skills are AOE so it is very good to use in areas that are densely packed with heroes and is very good for supporting teams especially when war.
  • Movement support is very good, Rafaela’s main advantage compared to other hero support is she has the ability to provide movement effects on our team and the opposing team, it can give slow effects to 3 enemies at once and increase momentary movement speed to all the surrounding teams, these two abilities are very good for chasing enemies who are trying to escape and when our team is trying to escape from the opposing team gank. Therefore positioning is very important in playing this hero, we must be able to take the right position so that it can damage and slow down the enemy team while supporting the team by providing heal and movement speed.
  • The ultimate skill that is quite sick, Rafaela’s skill 3 deals with magic damage. According to me is quite significant and we can use it to stun the opponent and kill him if he is dying.
  • Quite easy to play, Rafaela is one of the ideal heroes from the beginning of the game (early) to the end of the game (late game), skills 1 and 2 do not need to be directed, we just need to take the right position, and most importantly we must always keep our distance to not be too in front and in the middle of the team so that he can give heal and support to all teammate well, the point of this hero gameplay is quite simple (safe play) and includes easy to master.

 Rafaela Weaknesses:

  • The ultimate skill is easy to miss, because the ultimate skill is in the form of a straight line attack and the range isn’t too long, so this skill is pretty easy to avoid (miss) when used, especially if we just originate spam skill 3 without calculation, it’s certain this ultimate skill will in vain because the enemy can clearly see the light from this skill and have time to react to avoid it. The best way to use this skill is to predict where the enemy will move or be so close that they cannot avoid it at all.
  • Highly dependent on the team, to be able to maximize this hero well then we also have to have friends who can take advantage of the situation well, because the name hero support will definitely be far more dependent on teamwork and cooperation to win the match, besides that the team must also be able to back up us when there is a team fight so that we don’t die trapped or become the main target of the enemy team.
  • Need proper positioning, when using skill 1 we must be close enough to the enemy to deal damage, then when using skill 2 we must be in the middle of the team to give heal / movement to as many friends, then when using skill 3 we must be close enough to the enemy and align themselves with the opposing heroes so that they can hit many targets at once (giving a mass stun to the opposing team), therefore we must be smart to play tug and keep a safe distance so that we can support the team and at the same time damage the opposing team.

Rafaela Best Build Item:

Rafaela Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Rafaela’s build tips are more or less the same as building support hero items in general, most importantly we must focus on maximum cooldown reduction (max CDR 40%) so we can often provide crowd control (slow down + movement speed) in the game. With the build above, we will get a CDR of 35% and the remaining 5% we can get from the emblem.
  • Build in the first line is more focused on defense, it is very good if we want to play safe and more sustainable in battle.
  • Build the second line is to focus on magic damage because we will often spam skill 1, there is no harm in building magic damage items to repay the enemy’s blood little by little.
  • The last item (Immortality) is useful for extra defense and the second chance if we are killed, this item can be replaced by another magic item if we believe the team can support us well in the late game.
The most suitable battle spells for Rafaela are Healing and Flicker.
  • Use Healing to restore HP and where our team is at critical times, this spell is suitable for use at critical moments so that it can provide as much help as possible especially Rafaela whose healing ability is not so great as Estes.
  • Use Flicker to escape while sitting, this spell is more suitable if we want to play it safe or are playing alone (solo queue).
For emblems, we can use Magic or Support emblems.
Rafaela is a neutral support hero (weak against certain heroes) because the most important key in playing this hero is positioning and teamwork, so we will depend enough on friends/team to be able to maximize the ability of this hero well.

Rafaela tips, tricks, and guide:

  • Our main task is to support and back up your friends from behind, spam the existing skills well, you should maximize skill 2 first because the heal and movement speed effects are much more useful at the beginning of the game especially during team fight, the movement speed effect is also very helpful for the team to lane so they can get faster to the destination for farming or push tower.
  • When using skill 2 try to be in a position where we can give healing to as many of our friends, but if our friend is in a far position, then prioritize to heal the hero whose HP is more critical, use skill 2 as well this is to help our friends when they are chasing enemies, remember the function of skill 2 is not just healing but also movement speed which is very useful in crucial moments.
  • Frequently spam skill 1 throughout the game either when clearing wave minions, jungles, or slowing down the enemy’s blood, the slow skill 1 effect is also useful to help teams escape and chase enemies who are trying to escape, so take advantage of skill combination 1 , skill 2 and skill 3 to scoop an opponent including when running away from the enemy gang.