Quillen Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor

Quillen Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor – Quillen is an Assassin hero who has been eagerly awaited by his passive challengers who can cause a critical chance of 100 percent. He also has skills that are able to make him move quickly and ultimate which can make him disappear from the sight of his enemies.
Quillen Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor 1
This article will discuss why Quillen is the most dangerous Assassin in the world Antaris and how to use it properly and correctly.

Tips and Tricks in Taking Skills

Mutilate is a skill that you must improve first because it will make you grow faster in the forest. Using Decimate at the beginning is only for moving faster so there is no need to rush to improve it.
The cooldown of Assassinate is fairly fast so always use it to gank the enemy Mage and Archer when the cooldown is complete. The combination of skills for Quillen after Assassinate is Mutilate, use Decimate only for finishing and if he wants to run towards the tower.

Item Guide

Early Game

1. Soulreaver
Jungler is the most suitable role for Quillen with the skill set he has. Soulreaver provides additional attack damage on each stack and also provides on-hit effects for each attack.
2. Gilded Greaves
The most suitable shoes for every Melee type hero in AOV. These shoes provide resistance and make Quillen have a higher survival rate during war.

Core Item

1. Claves Sancti
This item is an item that you must make first because it will give Quillen additional damage damage. Besides that the given critical chance will change to critical damage. With a large additional critical damage from Claves Sancti, the damage generated by Quillen’s passive skills will be even greater.
2. Omniarms
Omniarms is the most important item that must be owned by Quillen after Claves Sancti. The passive unique given by Omniarms is very useful for Quillen and its critical. In addition to the additional HP max, Omniarms’ cooldown reduction and lifesteal made Quillen even more resilient.

Optional Item

1. Sonic Boots
This shoe is a good choice besides Gilded Greaves if your enemy has a lot of physical damage. Only 10 gold different from Gilded Greaves can save Quillen’s life during war.
2. Frost Cape
If you feel that Quillen’s defense is still lacking, Frost Cape can be a substitute alternative for Omniarms. The defense and max HP given make Quillen even stronger in war. In addition, the slow effect provided is also very useful to make the enemy can not escape from your pursuit.
3. Muramasa
Additional armor pierce will make your attack more painful to the enemy. Cooldown reduction provided also allows you to be able to spam Mutilate and Decimate more often. Muramasa is a favorite choice when entering the late game.
4. Fenrir’s Tooth
Additional damage to Quillen will also increase the amount of critical that will be given to the enemy. You can even kill Archer and Mage with only one Mutilate when you buy this item.
5. Curse of Death
If your enemy depends on regenerating high HP, this item is the key to making them bow before you. In addition, lifesteal given also greatly helped Quillen survive during the war.
6. Slikk Sting
The additional critical chance given will be critical damage to Quillen. In addition, the additional movement speed given will make Quillen move more agile. Passive of this item also provides Quillen resistance for each critical issue.

Talent Guide

1. Punish
As a jungler, Punish is definitely the best talent for Quillen. Punish will make farming faster and can also effect the slow effect on the enemy when it becomes Frostbite.
2. Flicker
If you play Quillen in lane, this talent is the most suitable. You can use it to chase enemies who try to escape from your pursuit or even run away from enemy chases.