Production Tips For Getting Item 6 Stars

Production Tips For Getting Item Pirate king online- Okay, friends of the pirates… I want to give you a few tips for production. Surely a lot of people who have eaten a lot of gold, but the results are not as expected. Now I’m giving you enlightenment, hopefully, it’s useful …
The things that need to be done are as follows:
  1. Log in first, free at what time.
  2. Complete the day task first. Let there be no burden
  3. Next, click the Production icon
  4. For production, it is given 3 days to be able to get to the highest level of melt production, so that it benefits 2 days to get all 3 levels.
  5. The first-day click production, melt stick/ring is up to you, focus only 1. If you don’t exit crit, exit from production enters again.
  6. If you can crit, just click on the melt. Not more. And remember melt using berries, don’t use gold on the first day. “Save the base of Rich“. Use gold if it’s opened all the levels and uses only 5 gold.
  7. And if on the 2nd day the level 3 has been flat, stop using berries. Continue with 5 gold only, with the same steps. If you can crit on the first melt, continue the melt. If you can’t get out of production directly, log in again and so on.
  8. Remember the most important thing is critical. Not a melt bonus, or anything. And 1 more, if you feel a little lag don’t continue. Because that will result in nothing.
  9. The essence of production is Crit and the connection is quite good. So much
  10. These tips from me have been proven on the server I play.
Here are just a few tips from me. Even now it can still be done, and because these are only tips it doesn’t mean that you can get a 6-star average. But there is a possibility to get 6-star rings/staff 3-4 pieces. Okay .. Safety can be fun …
Here I go, yeah. this is the first day
Production Tips For Getting Item 6 Stars 1
Then this is the second day.
Production Tips For Getting Item 6 Stars 2
Day 3 ?? if I am curious, I will share it all with 34 days. tips for pirate king equipment productions
Production Tips For Getting Item 6 Stars 3
I also tried these tips and it turned out that it was really good, bro, all the craft went on the first day and almost all reached level 3.