Popol and Kupa Best Build, Emblem, Spell, and Guide

popol and kupa

Popol and Kupa is a new hero in mobile legends. The characteristics of this hero are more or less the same as Zhask, both of them rely on the help of their friends (Wolf / Spawn) and the hero does not have significant damage and is vulnerable to gank.

Just like when playing Zhask, we need to keep distance when attacking, let our partners attack in front and we take cover in the back, the difference between Popol and Zhask is we have to launch basic attack or skill 1 so that Kupa (wolf) will attack the target.

Positioning is very important when playing Popol and Kupa. Without much ado following complete tutorial on how to play Popol and Kupa starting from the strengths and weaknesses of this hero.


Popol and Kupa Advantages

  • They Have burst damage and CC, especially during Alpha Wolf’s ultimate mode (Kupa ultimate form). Skill 1 will do very large damage and stun so it is very effective for scooping enemies, especially soft heroes like mage / mm. Skill 2 also gives a knock-up effect on enemies that near to Popol. Skill 3 is a trap that stops the enemy’s movement for a moment and gives a slow effect.
  • Fast farming and push tower, the main advantage of heroes who have partners/clones such as Zhask, Sun, including Popol and Kupa are that they can very easily farm up a level without having to lack HP at the beginning and dominate lane first in the early-Mid game, especially for those who like to play aggressive push lane / turret, then this hero is perfect for playing objective (quickly win the game).
  • Marksman who is an OP from an early game, usually mm tends to be weak at the beginning of the game, Popol is OP in all phases because his ultimate skill is very strong (same as Zhask ultimate skill), so you should not try against 1 vs 1 using Popol and Kupa because we will most likely be slaughtered before we can approach Popol.
  • Tank killer, Another skill ability of this hero is Kupa (wolf) can get the effect of the Popol item so this wolf can produce critical damage and special passive skills from the Demon Hunter Sword, so it is very easy to knock out the opposing tanker defense of the opposing team.


Popol and Kupa Disadvantages

  • Does not have escape skills, all of his skills are only in the form of damage and crowd control, he does not have any escape skill, so it is very easy to catch him, so we should be careful to play this hero, indeed we can use skill 2 to make Kupa help protect yourself but usually not effective if the enemy is more than 1.
  • Highly dependent on Kupa, which is easy to die, the ultimate mode of Kupa (Alpha Wolf Form) is very terrible, but in normal mode, Kupa is very vulnerable to die especially in late games, which is more ironic if Kupa dies then skills 1 and 2 are useless so you can only rely on basic attacks without any movement skills, so don’t let Kupa die in the middle of the war. If indeed, Kupa will not enough to back off and wait it until recovery.
  • Popol and Kupa do not have area damage so it is less effective in team warfare, a very striking shortcoming of Popol and Kupa is that we can only target 1 hero to be attacked.


Popol and Kupa Best Build

popol and kupa best build

  • The first line build is good enough for all conditions. Popol and Kupa build are the same as marksman in general, buy lifesteal items, critical and attack speed according to the condition.
  • The second line build is the build tank killer. The focuses of this build is to kill tankers or heroes that are quite thick, use this build if there are many hard tank heroes and fighters on the opposing team.


Popol And Kupa Best Spell

The most suitable battle spells for Popol and Kupa are Flicker or Sprint.

Because this hero does not have good mobility then just use Flicker / Sprint as anticipation, this spell is very useful if we want to play more safely, but if we have a solid team (can cover or back up well).


Popol And Kupa Best Emblem

For emblems, we can use Marksman emblem.


Popol and Kupa are very OP to fight the following heroes:

  • All hero tanks
  • Hayabusa
  • Balmond
  • Terizla
  • Alucard
  • Martis
  • Hilda
  • Roger


Popol and Kupa Counter Hero

  • Fanny
  • Natalia
  • Ling
  • Guinevere
  • Aldous
  • Silvanna
  • Harley
  • Change

Popol and Kupa Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • How to play Popol and Kupa is more or less similar to the way to play Zhask, both of them rely on partners for offense & defense, both have limitations in movement, so we must often take shelter and damage from a safe distance.
  • Take advantage of skill 3 (trap) to check the map, if you are anxious and doubtful in a lane then just throw the trap into the grass to be sure, then also maximize this skill to stop the enemy movement when we are attacking, so predict where the enemy is will move and set traps there so that gives us more time to deal damage.
  • Use skill 2 as needed, usually, we only use skill 1 and basic attack to poke and repay the enemy slowly, skill 2 just as a precaution when there are enemies around and we want to get back up as soon as possible. In Ultimate mode, we can use this skill as an additional CC if needed but we only use this skill 2 when it’s critical, so don’t spam skill 2 for things that aren’t important (like farming and cleaning minions).
  • If it has become 2/3 items we can launch a deadly combo by combining the skill damage and CC as much as possible (only applies when conditions 1 vs 1), this skill combination is quite successful in use during mid-game and is useful for capturing thin heroes (mage / mm / assassin), first we usually hide in the grass, as soon as the target passes, use the ultimate mode and launch skill 1 (the enemy will be stunned for a while), then follow up with skill 3, aim directly at the hero (the enemy will be immobilized and slow) then finishing with the basic attack until the target is killed. So the order is: Ultimate -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Basic attack.

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