Pokemon Masters Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Masters Tips and Tricks – Pokemon Masters is a 3-to-3 battle game in a tournament called Pokemon Masters League. Here you have to form a team including three Trainer and Pokemon to target the opponent’s weaknesses and deal with large damage.
This game itself is quite complicated, so many things must be taken into account and many things that must be focused while playing. Tips and tricks from the following will help you in playing Pokemon Masters.

How to Sync the Works

Pokemon Masters has a Sync Pairs feature which is basically his trainer and Pokemon. Each Sync Pair has a variety of roles, namely attack, support, and tech.
Each Sync Pairs has a certain element, and each element follows the rules of stone, paper, scissors, meaning strong against an element and weak against other elements. So, your goal in battle is only to form a team that has a strong element against the enemy.
Each pair has several stars associated with it, the higher the number of stars, the more levels they can move up. However, even Pair Sync with 3 stars can be developed into 5 stars, so you can change your favorite pokemon to be stronger, no matter how many stars they have at the start.
Currently, the maximum level for Sync Pairs at Pokemon Masters is 100. To reach level 100, you need a Sync team with 5 stars.
As explained above, each Sync Pair has a role: Attack, Support, and Tech, the following explanation:
  • Attack: This is an attack team. They usually have a high attack power but have low health (health point).
  • Support: This is a healing team that can heal or boost other Pokemon skills. They have a higher hp than the Strike team, but the damage inflicted is minimal.
  • Tech: This team is usually focused on fighting and applying various harmful effects on the enemy

Build a strong team

Having a balanced team is the best. This means you must try at least two different elements, and always have a recommended, strong against the type of enemy you face.
Besides, you can also use this method, which is to bring 2 Attack type, you can also experiment with the tech type as well.


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Practicing your Sync Pair is more than just leveling up

Just increasing your Sync Pair level won’t help maximize their potential and be useful, even though this is the main thing you should focus on.
In addition to leveling up, you must increase the overall strength of your Sync Pair by opening new abilities/moves. You will need Training Machines of various rarities, as well as Aid Ade bottles, if you use them from the beginning of the game it will be easier.
Only focus on the pair that you really plan to use because if you don’t use it it’s a waste of resources. If nothing else, look at the rare Sync Pair you have, especially those with high stars.

Try to get the highest Sync Pair for each element

Having the best Pokemon Sync for all elements is the main goal you must do.
It’s hard to do that early in the game, but you have to stay focused on the elements needed. The initial Pokemon elements that you will get when starting the game: Electric (list, Water, Grass, and Rock. Then, when you go through the next stage, move to Flying and Fire.
Pokemon Masters Tips and Tricks 2

Get free diamonds

The easiest way for you to get free diamonds is to explore Sync Pair Stories from the Explore menu. You only need to go through the story and give some answers, but it’s quite fast and easy to do.
You also have to do your best to run Training Missions because you can get prizes that can help you in the game.
Some of the missions of this Training Missions can be completed in a limited number each day, but you must stay focused to do this first every day before doing anything else to develop all your Pairs quickly.

Auto is better than doing nothing at all

Pokemon Masters offers features that offer you the option to activate the “Auto” mode and explore missions and stories faster.
Even though this Auto mode is limited and will never match the abilities of the player, this is still a good choice if you already can battle. You can still tap and choose answers, start new missions and so on, but mostly you don’t need to do anything.
So, whenever you have the chance, take advantage of the Auto feature to be able to develop faster (especially if you are busy in the real world). However, when you achieve complicated things and meet more dangerous opponents, don’t expect too much from this Auto mode.

Evolve your Pokemon

Some Pokemon can evolve and get better in a long time. Your Pokemon are quite expensive and you may not develop them all or at least shortly.
So, focus on Pokemon that you often use in battle or have high stars to evolve.

How to win a battle

It’s easy enough to gain an advantage in battles and you only need to pay attention to a few important things, namely:
  • Using the correct type of Pokemon in battle, pay attention to the types of elements you face, and be sure to choose a Pokemon that is strong against the elements that the enemy has.
  • Every time you start a battle using your highest level Sync Pair, you have to focus on destroying enemies one by one, this is the best choice because enemies with 1% remaining HP can still deal a lot of damage, but the dead will really come out of battle.
  • When you try to get rid of Pokemon in battle, if some have a much higher HP than others, it is better to focus on easier targets first and allow the more difficult ones to stay afloat.
  • Know what skills your Pokemon and Trainers are. Know all your team members’ skills and use them at the right time, at the right enemy. Remember that there are 3 types of ultimate attacks that you can use and choose the truly powerful ones.
  • When you’re in battle, don’t forget to tap on the settings icon in the top left corner, where you can activate or deactivate some important features such as Action Order (display a list of all actions), control the speed of battle, and more.

Additional tips you need to consider when playing Pokemon Masters

  • Enter the game every day to get a prize. Prizes offered to players every day are very useful in the game, so even if you don’t play this game, at least you can spend a little time to enter the game briefly to claim the prize.
  • The five-star Sync Pair that you open – the Rosa / Snivy Pair is a very good pair that you will use continuously, so spending a lot of resources on them will make them better and not wasted.
  • If possible, use 3000 diamonds and do 10x Sync Pair Scout.
  • Check missions (especially daily missions) to get a lot of prizes, although sometimes the rewards that are earned are not commensurate with the missions you complete.
  • After you have an event in the game, you can focus on completing it to get a prize.
That’s the tips and tricks for playing Pokemon Masters. Don’t forget to share these Pokemon Masters tips and tricks with your friends!

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