Pharsa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide)

Pharsa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – Pharsa is a mage that has the longest range of attacks that can attack remotely safely so that it becomes one of the strongest heroes in Brawl Mobile Legends mode
Pharsa still needs team/backup assistance because it is very weak in matters of close combat, what is interesting is This hero cooldown skill is very short so we can often bombard enemy teams with their skills and dominate the game. Pharsa Best Build
The uniqueness of this hero is that it can fly through the existing barrier with skill 1 (become smoke and fly around the white bird Verri that is always with it), then its ultimate skill has a very wide attack radius, making this hero as apusher and a very powerful defense turret annoying for his opponents. Pharsa is the best hero for poke and distract enemy affairs (disturbing enemies especially when they attack/defend towers). Pharsa Best Build
Pharsa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 1

The advantages of Pharsa:

  • Poke skills are very good, the main characteristic of this hero is a mage that can attack from a great distance, therefore we can easily repay enemy blood slowly with his ultrathin skill from a safe distance while protecting behind the team.
  • Versatile flying ability, skill 1 has a high mobility that is useful for tracing lanes quickly, but it can also be used to avoid enemy attacks/attacks by penetrating the wall area so that the enemy cannot catch it.
  • Burst damage is high, damage 1 hit from skill 3 is quite painful, especially we can repeatedly launch this shot for 13 seconds so he can give a very massive burst of damage during team fights/war team.
  • Short cooldown skills, the main advantage of the ultimate Pharsa skill is this skill cooldown delay is very short, so we can spam and disturb enemies throughout the game.


Pharsa deficiency:

  • Dependent on the team, this mage is quite vulnerable and risky when we launch the ultimate attack because it cannot move, so we need a team to back up or at least find a position that is difficult to reach the enemy as in the tower/grass.
  • Very susceptible to CC, indeed skill 1 can make it easy to escape from enemy chases, but unfortunately this skill can be plugged in with crowd control, as well as skill 3 can be stopped by stun / CC, so this mage is really weak against CC heroes.
  • Skill 3 is difficult about the target, even though it has a wide range but this attack is quite easy to avoid especially if the enemy has a fast/agile movement speed, therefore we have to direct it correctly (not from pressing the skill hoping auto-aim will hit the enemy), auto aim will only hit if the enemy is still in place, if the enemy is moving then we must direct it and predict where the enemy will move.


Pharsa Best Build

Pharsa Best Build, Tips, Trick, Combo and Tutorial (Guide) 2
  • Pharsa doesn’t need to build a cooldown item at all because the cooldown skill is short enough and we can often spam without the help of cooldown reduction / CDR though, so we only need to focus on magical damage buildup to the highest.
  • Build items above are the most recommended according to me, Ice Queen Wand items are very useful because it gives a slow effect that makes the enemy more difficult when avoiding the 3 skill bombardment.
  • The last item we can replace the Necklace of Durance if there is a hero healer like Rafaela / Estes and a high lifesteal hero like Alucard, Fanny, Ruby, etc.
  • You can try various other build items that you think are better suited to your style of play, but according to me, the most important thing is to focus on magic damage as high as possible and not need to buy any CDR items.
The most suitable battle spell for Pharsa is Flicker and Purify.
  • Use Flicker for extra mobility, it is very useful to play safely and run away from enemy attacks when it is critical, Flicker can also be combined with the ultimate skill so that we can reach a wider area (examples are below).
  • Use Petrify to protect yourself from the opponent’s crowd control, when we want to run away with skill 1 usually the enemy will issue the CC skill that is there to stop us, now with this spell, we can still safely escape even if we get stunned/disabled from the opposing team. But overall I prefer Flicker because it is much more flexible for various situations.
For emblems, we can use Common Magic or Custom Mage emblems.

Pharsa is great for fighting the following heroes:

  • All tank hero (as long as we can keep a safe distance).
  • All hero fighters (as long as you can keep a safe distance).
  • Odette
  • Zhask
  • Moskov
  • Karrie

Pharsa is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

  • All assassin heroes, especially Fanny and Gusions.
  • Chou
  • Jawhead
  • Harley
  • Lesley

Combination of ultimate skills – Flicker:

When we use ultimate and the enemy runs out of Pharsa’s attack range, then we can engage / approach with Flicker for a little extra range so we don’t have to stop the ultimate skill and wait for the cooldown to refresh again.

Tricks to escape with skill 1:

  • There are times when the enemy is very close to us or we have been taken away and cannot escape anywhere else, then the only way to avoid/protect ourselves is to penetrate the existing map/wall area so that the enemy cannot reach us (except the opponent use hero range like marksman/mage).
  • We can penetrate the wall even though it’s outside the map area, so use this skill 1 to fly away from the opponent’s gang and escape safely.

Tips & tricks for hero guide Pharsa:

  • We recommend using hero lock mode so we can auto aim the hero we want when using the ultimate skill, otherwise, we will only attack heroes whose blood is the least.
  • Always spam the ultimate skill throughout the game for anything, good for farming killing jungle/buff monsters, for attacking lords/turtles, and for poke enemies throughout the game, no need to love this skill 3 because the cooldown is short and will be reset.
  • Learning to position yourself well, positioning is the most important key in playing Pharsa, always keep a safe distance with the opponent’s hero, install the enemy’s blood slowly with skill 3, our main task is to do poking not to try to kill as much as possible, therefore support friends who are fighting with enemies by attacking/poke from afar and keep taking shelter behind tankers so that they are not easily exposed to enemy attacks.
  • Remember that skill 1 can be used to penetrate walls so that we can move lanes quickly and also run away effectively.
  • When launching skill 3 (ultimate mode) we can still issue skill 2, so don’t forget to use this skill 2 to add damage to existing/approaching enemies.