Secret in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Unlockable: Free Tattle Info 

Search the teacher’s trash can to add information to your snitch log about adversaries you have just battled. 

Hamster Money

In the start of the game, loan the hamster at the Rogueport docks cash. He will give back where its due three-crease later in the game. 

Unlockable: Ms. Mowz 

Take the inconvenience focus journey that is given by an individual set apart as “???”. When you get the identification over the cook’s shop the mouse hoodlum will join your group. 

Indication: Easy Money 

When you’ve gotten to PetalBurg in the First Chapter you can utilize a trap to profit. First go to RougePort and purchase the same number of drowsy sheep as you can convey, making a point to top off your capacity box aswell. At the point when your pockets and capacity box is full, head over to PetalBurg. 
Once at Petalburg, go into the Item Shop to sell your languid sheep for a 2 coin benefit for every sheep. Ensure you make sure to pull back and sell all the lethargic sheep you put away.
To build profitability, in transit back to rougueport, stock up on turtley leaves, again topping off the capacity box, and sell them at the thing shop where you grabbed the languid sheep to pick up 2 coins for each leaf. Indication: After getting Taste T. you can cook the leaves into koopa tea for an additional 1 coin for each leaf. 

Clue: Extra Clothes 

There are 3 additional fabrics Mario can wear, his lone changes marios dress shading, not his physical appearance. On the off chance that you gather the W Emblem identification from Charlieton, the voyaging sales rep, prepare it to change into Wario’s garments.
On the off chance that you gather the L Emblem identification from Poshley Sanctum, prepare it to change into Luigi’s garments. Prepare both the W and L Emblem identifications to change into Waluigi’s Clothes. 

Indication: Infinite Shop Points  

First you should have given Zest T. her new contact lense. At that point purchase a ton of mushrooms at the shop in RoguePort for 5 coins each. At that point cook them all into Shroom Frys at Zest T.’s.
You can sell the Shroom Frys back for 5 coins, a similar value you paid for the mushrooms. Utilizing this you can increase free shop focuses. Note: This trap just works once you have Zest T.
Secret in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 1

Clue: Style 

Legitimately after a sledge assault, or at the most astounding point after a bounce assault, tap An again and Mario will complete an a la mode trap winning him more star focuses. This works for his partners too. Tap A legitimately in the wake of doing Koops shell toss and he will turn on his back procuring more style. 

Easter Egg: Turn into NES Mario 

Much the same as in the principal Paper Mario, there is an easter egg to return Mario from paper to 8-bit sprite. Just this time it takes a shot at your accomplices as well! In the X-Naut Base in Chapter Seven. Discover the stay with the swinging mesh on Sublevel 2.
Remain under it and go through your Ultra Jump to bounce into the air vent. Press R and slide through the mesh on the extreme right. You’ll arrive in the changing room where Peach camouflaged herself, inside one of the slows down. When you draw back the window ornament, you and your accomplice will be a sprite.
This change does not influence game play and will wear off when you leave the room.