3 Things to Consider Before Open Company in Marketglory

3 things to consider before open company in Marketglory – In the Marketglory, players can open a company as a source of income other than fight and work.
The company is divided into 2, there are paid and free. The free company are Newspapers and Milk company, and even then only up to 3 months. They are required to pay 1 Euro to buy licenses. 
As in real life, the following things must be considered in opening a company:
3 Things to Consider Before Open Company in Marketglory 1

1. Capital

Capital must be owned by players who intend to open a company so that the company can survive and run. Capital is usually in the form of Gold, to get gold players can convert our real money to Gold on the “Financial Market“. Capital is needed for production costs, buying raw materials and paying workers.

2. Raw Materials

Raw materials are things that must be considered in running a company. Raw material prices will affect production costs, the higher the prices of raw materials, the higher the production costs will be.

3. Fee

The amount of fee can be influenced by several factors including the number of jobs and the number of workers. If employment is small, the fee will tend to go down. Conversely, if there is a lot of employment while the number of workers is small, the fees will tend to rise.
Those are some things that could be considered for players who intend to open a company, they should prepare a decent capital (for those who do not have the accumulated capital, it should be enough).

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